Chinese-American scientist David Ho: a lifetime battle with AIDS

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China news agency, Beijing, April 11 - Title: Chinese-American scientist David Ho: a lifetime battle with AIDS

Author Shuang Hao

'Action, persist. Even never cure AIDS, I will still struggle for life for it.' This is a Chinese-American scientist, inventor Ho AIDS cocktail therapy often catch-phrase.

'World beautiful because of you - the impact of World Chinese Festival' was held in Beijing, Ho received the 'Award of Chinese influence in the world' has become the Chinese influence in the world, and he spent three decades.

In 1981, when the first face of AIDS cases Ho when he knew nothing of this terrible disease. In 1995, he invented the AIDS cocktail therapy for patients already brought born.

In 2006, the first awards ceremony in recognition of outstanding Asian, American basketball superstar suffering from AIDS Johnson personally for his award, to thank him for saving time, the US media described the awards scene:( 'Standing beside a basketball star , Ho apparently some short. However, in the fields of science, he is worthy of the Giants. '

Ho was the era of the United States << >> magazine Person of the Year, was awarded the US Presidential Medal Award in a foreign country, he is the heart of the homeland. In 2002, Ho vaccine manufacturing patent technology transfer to the Chinese government, I hope able to offer China's AIDS prevention and control work force.

Ho admits, 'HIV is the history of mankind's most vicious virus can be a 'death sentence' into a treatable disease, of course I'm happy. But our work is not yet complete(News News Now the whole world as well as 3600 ten thousand cases of HIV infection each year there are 2.3 million cases of new infections. Currently, the spread of the worst groups in China, HIV is a gay crowd. Gay this high-risk population with high HIV infection rate is ten times the US This is a very scary figure. '

He believes that civil society groups should be enough to understand this, let them avoid potentially high-risk groups are no longer so approached AIDS experts, aware of their danger and possible prevention.

In order to promote the development of AIDS, most recently, David Ho and a company jointly study the long-term generation of anti-AIDS drugs in China, especially in the high incidence of Yunnan Province, Ho always adhere to promote AIDS prevention and control work in health treatment and advocacy done a lot of things. He believes that the focus of China's AIDS prevention and control work should be shifted to focus on the high-risk population.

He said, 'I want to be able to develop the drug as soon as possible to try out in high-risk populations, making them able to suppress HIV in Time for new hair to reduce HIV infection in high-risk groups is to play a key role, but I think, human AIDS vaccine remains a very long time. 'On the occasion of Honor, Ho feel more of a responsibility.

'I have thirty years of AIDS research, although there are achievements, but I think my generation of scientists can not completely solve the problem, the next generation of scientists also need to pay a great effort.' Ho said that a complete cure AIDS long way to go, but he will always stick to it. (END) Fire News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.