Yinjing take water, roads flooded nearly one hundred meters

Published: 9:19:00 2014/12/26 9:19:00  Views: 491

Our reporter Liu Jiewen / Chart

December 25, there are users on the microblogging said Kwong Street, Zhongshan Road near the intersection with the road to take water. Reporters rushed to the scene to see, Shijiazhuang Water Supply Corporation staff ongoing repairs to the road to take water has stopped.

15:00 the same day, friends, 'not Fire Fire Fire' released a microblogging 'Shijiazhuang also spring up!' And with two roads to take pictures of the water. The reporter verified, flooded roads to the mountain and Kwong Street intersection northeast angle.

Reporters rushed to the scene saw the mountain Yucai Street to Main Street section of the road filled with water in Guang'an, sections of water up to one hundred meters, of which close to the mountain and the deepest water Kwong Street intersection, has not seen the foot. Past vehicles In slow traffic, pedestrians to pass, only covered in stagnant water, bricks, tiptoe gingerly walked(http://www.fireinews.com/). site, Shijiazhuang City Water Supply Corporation, Chang'an ongoing maintenance and repair of the staff.

According to a staff member, 12 o'clock in the morning immediately after receiving the Village Water Supply Corporation, rushed to the water section of the phone around 16:00, it had already closed the water gates. Reporter left the scene, the road stopped to take water, the staff is also clean up surface water and silt.

Around day 21, the repair work is completed. Relevant responsible person, as a result of aging underground pipes leaking, which leads to the road flooded, 'has been with the clamp to leaky pipes connected, the area near the water have also returned to normal.'

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