Ampang March 35 billion purchase of Minsheng Bank ho 15 percent stake to the largest shareholder

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Less than three months, Ampang Insurance Group will cost about 35 billion yuan from the completion of the sixth-largest shareholder of Minsheng Bank to leap largest shareholder. The number of shares from 916 million shares as of September 30, 2014 soared to 4.787 billion shares, from 2.69 percent stake fly to 14.06%.

To three times the number of shares in leading Liu Yonghao

December 25 evening, Minsheng Bank announcement that, as of December 25, Ampang Life Insurance Company Limited (the 'Ampang Life'), Ampang Property Insurance Company (referred to as 'Ampang Insurance'), Ampang insurance and harmony Health Insurance Company (referred to as 'harmonious health insurance') together hold Minsheng Bank common shares totaling 4.787 billion shares, representing 14.06% of the total share capital of the bank, the company's largest shareholder.

If you follow the Minsheng Bank shares have voting rights number of shares calculated as of December 25, Ampang Insurance Group has the number of shares to 5.106 billion shares, accounting for 15 percent. The extra 319 million shares for Chinese SMEs Investment Limited on December 17 delegates to the Ampang Insurance Group Inc. to exercise voting rights.

Minsheng Bank this year, according to three quarterly, as of September 30, 2014, Liu Yonghao actual control of New Hope Investment Co., Ltd. holds a total of 1.6 billion shares of Minsheng Bank A shares, representing approximately 4.7%, the largest shareholder of A shares, Ann State Insurance Company is the sixth-largest shareholder, holding Minsheng Bank A shares 916,000,000 shares, accounting for 2.69%.

In accordance with the December 25 announcement Minsheng Bank, Ampang Insurance Group to three times the number of shares ahead of Liu Yonghao, becoming the largest shareholder.

Minsheng Bank said the proposed Ampang depth of cooperation

Ampang Insurance Group placards while frequently Minsheng Bank, while arrangements 'insiders' into Minsheng Bank Board of Directors.

December 23, Minsheng Bank shareholders 'meeting in Beijing. SUPPLEMENTARY Ampang insurance group vice president for the proposal at the meeting of the Board of Directors 姚大锋 been Minsheng Bank shareholders' meeting as chairman of New Hope largest shareholder of Minsheng Bank, said Liu Yonghao, Ampang Life chairman Yao Dafeng will vote in favor of the board.

General meeting of shareholders to vote the scene, Liu Yonghao, admits: 'For the Ampang large holdings, we have considered for a long time, in fact it is good or bad, who would bring value to the Minsheng Bank support who, Ampang may deposit on the Minsheng Bank? and business development has brought a lot of positive impact. '

In the subsequent investor conference, Minsheng Bank Chairman Hong Qi said, 'intends to cooperate with the Ampang depth. In his view, Minsheng Bank will significantly move forward on comprehensive service, now has gradually formed a one-stop service. As a Insurance major shareholder, Ampang and livelihood may have deeper cooperation.

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