Hanwha Solar Polysilicon pass active investment yield 50%

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Overcapacity in the global solar supply, coupled with lower prices under the impact of international crude oil, the solar cell industry have plunged into a bitter struggle, but even in such adversity, Korean Hanwha Group (Hanwha Group) continued to increase its investment solar energy industry, plans to be in the next year (2015) solar cell materials 'polysilicon' than the existing production capacity increased by 50%.

Han Huafu recently announced that its solar-related businesses to Hanwha Q CELLS, Hanwha SolarOne to merge, and the combined company's new solar Cell annual capacity of up to 3.28GW, will jump to the world's largest solar cell manufacturers.

Yield moves frequently fight

South Korean media Daily News (MK NEWS) reported that the Japanese version of the 24th, Hanwha Petrochemical (Hanwha Chemical) is located in South Jeolla Province, Lishui solar polysilicon plant's current annual capacity of 10,000 tons, while Hanwha plans within the first quarter of next year (3 before the end) additional annual capacity of 3,000 tons of equipment, and plans for the second half and then after an additional 2,000 tonnes of additional production equipment, the target for the year 2015 in the solar polysilicon production capacity than the current 50% to 10 000 amplified 5,000 tons standards.

Reported that, in addition to polysilicon than increase, Hanwha also plans to invest 13 billion won to build in Chungbuk annual capacity of 230MW of solar panels (modules) plant in the first half of next year, and is located in Malaysia, China's solar panel plant also According to the original plan to stimulation(http://www.fireinews.com/).

LG, OCI are delays in the establishment of new plant

Hanwha positive investment Compared to the other two polysilicon industry Korea's LG Chemical (LG Chem), OCI is a lot of conservative.

Reported that, according to sources OCI relations, OCI is located in the mountains of North Jeolla Province, and has started the construction of a polysilicon plant 4th shelved investment plans will continue until the first half of next year, when after assessing market conditions before deciding whether to restart the project construction, OCI announced in 2011 will spend 1.6 trillion 韩元兴 factory was built in the fourth, but after polysilicon prices fell due to the deterioration of the solar market conditions, it is lightning OCI announced the shelving plans to build a fourth factory, and the factory due to the construction of the fourth plan was shelved Therefore originally scheduled fifth plant construction plans came to nothing, of course.

In addition OCI addition, LG Chemical also fully shelved investment plans new polysilicon. According to reports, LG Chemical announced that it will invest 4,900 billion won in the construction of an annual capacity of 5,000 tonnes of polysilicon plant in Yeosu plant in the region in 2011, but over the past four years of the new plants but no significant progress.

23 barrons.com blog reports, Axiom Capital analyst Gordon Johnson released the latest report that the large polysilicon prices may fall to $ 15-16 / kg in the next 3-6 months.

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