Beijing Federation of Trade Unions concerned about employee health counseling professional services purchased

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Beijing Federation of Trade Unions concerned about employee health counseling professional services purchased

25 afternoon, well-known psychologist Bo Yan Yi explain how scientific adjust employees' psychological health. WASHINGTON Shicong Cong Photo

BEIJING, Dec. 26 (Xinhua) 25, the Beijing Federation of Trade Unions Services' internal staff counseling Station Zone plan to establish 'startup instructions will be held in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone breadth of the building. The event is organized by Beijing Union City to buy Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone Enterprises Association Services by business associations and enterprises Development Association members Honest release co-sponsored counseling center, the zone of Trade Unions actively involved in the implementation of the project and expand the size of the project.

According to reports, as China's economic development, an increase in all types of enterprises, in a highly competitive market environment, adverse events caused by psychological problems of employees increased, seriously endangering the daily operations and business development( For these situation, Beijing Federation of Trade Services 'Internal Zone employees counseling stations plan to establish' Start briefings, aims to introduce the important role of small and medium enterprise employees' psychological construction personnel management and business development, promotion of non-public enterprise managers on staff mental awareness services to help enterprises to establish a stable and efficient team, so as to promote enterprise development activities invite well-known psychologist Bo Yan Yi teacher, renowned corporate trainer Liu Qian Yi teacher was invited to lecture teaching situation, tells employees Crisis event, the winning project will introduce Union City benefits for enterprise development, attracting businesses pay attention to employee psychological care, psychological assistance to participate in the establishment of the station staff.

It is understood that 'mental construction' is an important part of nation-building, which runs through the national development process. The core of employees' psychological aid station is to establish routine psychological intervention mechanism within the enterprise by the business or organization within The staff provide positive attention and timely flow of work to help employees relieve stress, improve morale, improve motivation, increase staff confidence to deal effectively with colleagues in customer relations, quickly adapt to new environments, overcome bad habits, so that enterprises in the recruitment cost savings save training expenses, reduce errors dismissal, improve the public image of the organization, to improve the organizational climate, improve employee morale, improve production management, benefit greatly.

In addition, in order to effectively implement the purpose of the event, companies will be attending the launch site on behalf of distributed workplace Sunshine State of Mind 1000 << >> pocketbook. Meanwhile, on the basis of this project, the development zone for the area of Trade Unions purchased Ten major psychological themes field training in different employee groups within the enterprise, for more staff universal psychological knowledge, encourage employees to seek help when problems arise in a timely manner(News News active site also issued << Serious heart of the questionnaire >> classroom interest, so that enterprises In five categories, psychological training twenty-five theme of self-selection, be targeted effectively meet business needs. (BEIJING Life Channel) Fire News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.