Hubei driver drunk driving checked claiming: Buddha would not mind a car accident (Figure)

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Hubei driver drunk driving checked claiming: Buddha heart

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Hubei driver drunk driving checked claiming: Buddha heart

'I am a Buddhist friends, heart Buddha, even drink driving, it is not a car accident!' Day before yesterday evening, the Housing County police mobilized more than 50 police officers, for drink-driving and other traffic violations expand the Centralized check in actions that night, a drunk driver driving face of police interrogation, actually mouthful Port chamber, broke so ridiculous statement.

International Online reports: According to the official microblogging Hubei Daily News, the day before 22 am, at 305 State Road Fangxian section dispatched room County Public Security Bureau police, traveling from west to east will be an SUV stopped, signaled the driver to get off for inspection The driver hesitated only then the door opened, an alcohol wafting immediately outside the car( 'alcohol content test it first!' See the driver trance, police asked him to cooperate alcohol test. After field testing alcohol breath tester The driver's alcohol concentration of 97mg / 100ml, suspected of drunk driving.

In the subsequent police interrogation, which were actually drunk driving drivers mouthful Port chamber, broke shocking statement: 'I was drinking it, but I believe in Buddhism, ah, my heart Buddha, driving course, it is not an accident! '

For alcohol concentration test result, the driver did not raise objections. Subsequently, the traffic police will bring it to the hospital for blood. After testing, the blood alcohol content is 86mg / 100ml, Department of drunk driving(News News

According to reports, the night of the operation, the Housing County police seized five 'wine driver.' Fire News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.