Online education financing and deaths have been reported: the amount of the investment and financing over 4.4 billion yuan

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21st Century macro researcher Wang Pengshan

Online education industry in 2014 described as 'grab the limelight.'

Industry heavyweights various capital predators have 'staking', almost every week project financing, new products, new players, new ways to enter the online education industry. Among them, there is New Oriental, good future, Tencent classroom, so students Taobao The education industry and the Internet giants, there are YY, NetDragon, Wanda, iFLYTEK big players such as cross-border.

According to incomplete statistics, in 2014 the online education investment and financing are mainly related to the foreign language education, seven types of K12 education, early education, IT education, study abroad, vocational education, platforms and other categories. Total amount of more than 4.4 billion yuan of investment and financing.

However, in the capital, while hot into the online education bubble has emerged, many stars startups collapse, sounded the alarm to the field of online education, industry insiders predict the coming year, the online education industry will usher in greater scale reshuffle(

Online education financing full-blown

According to industry professional organizations to incomplete statistics, as of November 2014, foreign investment and financing educational case for 11 cases, a total investment of over 2.048 billion yuan, K12 educational financing Case for 12 cases, a total investment of over 469 million yuan, early education Class Investment and Financing Case for four cases, a total investment of over 300 million yuan, IT educational financing case 6, a total investment of over 444 million yuan, investment and financing vocational education classes Case for 7 cases, the total investment over 926 million yuan, study abroad Class Investment and Financing Case for four cases, a total investment of over 066 million yuan, platform type 4 cases, the total investment of more than 200 million yuan.

From the look of financing rounds, get online career education products A round of financing accounted for nearly half of the country, followed by obtaining an angel round of financing products, accounting for 37%, it is worth noting that online career education to get B and C round round A total of five products, in addition to language learning outside this ratio is the highest.

In addition, the line is ripe for vocational education institutions are also internal hatch online career education products, such as Distance Education and Youku jointly produced a PS skills courses, Youku online access to a high traffic, the main combat class Mu-class IT education network also has a background Austrian Peng education, as well as Internet sites are on-line analysis of the salon professional training website in August of this year radish network.

As can be seen from these trends, the field of vocational education was severely affected online and offline, is not a new entrant in the field of entrepreneurship to get together, or have a certain threshold.

The amount of financing from the look, get ten million yuan level of financing products is about 7, respectively, over people open class, multi-Bay Networks, studious education, mass class network, Xing handsome Networking Academy, start it, and wheat College(Technology News

Intense competition in the industry

According to the online educational website dedicated mustard heap statistics, as of December, nearly 60 companies have closed down or change direction in which early childhood classes: 11, K12 categories: 12, English (courses) Class: 9, occupational categories: 5, study abroad programs: 4, ISP: 5, other platforms categories: 13 In addition, from the geographical point of view, Beijing: 31, Shanghai: 12, Canton: 4, Shenzhen: 2 Other: 10.

Parenting Early Learning project is divided into communities to share content, applications and parenting courses for children on topics such as operating companies which share parenting community as 131UU, 7kiwi, baby bonding, etc. But due to lack of manpower and profitability difficulties had to be abandoned. Such project has been Preschool entrepreneurial hot spots, but it was not easy to operate.

For in kindergarten, parenting courses primarily education and training institutions, will need strong financial support and unique curriculum, although easy to join, but the quality control and cash flow are two pit, the foundation must be hard, otherwise the foot higher risk factor closed shop from repeatedly exposed the 'foot' news you can see, a very high risk of this industry.

Although K12 online education market is the most important, but because of the traditional educational factors, as well as parents' ability to accept online learning needs further training, so the profit model K12 online education programs has been a problem.

No doubt this year, the field of vocational education in this segment seems to be the biggest winner in online education, whether it is based IT training WiseNews education, geeks College, I win the workplace, or in CG training on Xing handsome education, Fremantle miracles, etc., from financing to cash flows more smoothly.

Of course, there are also many successful projects, such as Mizuki school, IterCast, loquat, learn skills, network, instant noodles bar.

Online education platform strategy is also popular, but there are individual companies usher in the real Spirit had not yet fallen, with chalk network, for example, it is an exclusive education and training of teachers and learners in interactive platform, learners can focus on each teacher in the field of download firsthand. covering something was to go abroad, 50 disciplines civil service examination, judicial examination, photography, yoga, diving, etc. in August 2012 announced formally launched on-line had been obtained before IDG ten million level of investment.

But last November, the ape exam line, chalk web content is completely replaced, announced cessation of operations shut reasons: strategic positioning, resulting in faster platform burned money, lack of stamina, slow development, difficult to scale in a short time and climate is not suitable for start-ups, so he chose the 'quick' answer ape exam projects.

Chalk network killed can be a microcosm of the entire platform class development company, as a third party of them, not only for teachers but also for student services organizations, and particularly large initial investment, you need to shop more than enough courses throughout the long tedious process Once the capital chain can not keep up, it is likely to die.

The rapid development of the future will

21st century sort of macro Institute found that the domestic online education in both content and language training was the most mature development flipped classroom, which comes from the line of language training in the field has been developed very mature, later extended to the line, not only number of products to obtain financing, long time to set up, and into the most product B and C round of financing rounds, the product has also been a place to second-tier cities scattered trend.

In addition, language training in the field of heat is still continuing, there are a number of new products entering the field to get an angel round of financing products and is also the largest, so in general, language training in the field of heat still there, but many competitors.

Look K12 field, due to the greater impact on the system, and the relationship between the parties involved in the most complex, so in 2014, K12 field of online education rarely a major breakthrough, the number of access to finance is not much.

But in 2014 ushered in a clear field K12 large outbreak, thanks to at least three factors: the entrepreneur K12 huge market capacity of longing, user habits and culture and find the Internet to subvert the traditional capital markets industry optimistic attitude to the future, there will be more products to enter into the field and get financing, but will also eliminate some dessert products.

Although the pre-school and vocational education have favored more by the founder of the well-known companies work experience, strong cash flow, but the lack of development potential .2014 years, although in these two areas of financing start-up companies have a record, but still lack the development of more mature the larger product.

As for the higher education market of online education products, now still MOOC based, and that some of the products are mostly dominated by various universities, high barriers to entry. By studying the market is already a Red Line, in this case The business moved to the next line without substantive breakthrough is difficult to obtain a good development, though it is part of the online study customer price and profit margins high, but because the population is relatively narrow and intense competition in the market, this part of the market online development also appears relatively weak.

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