Prenatal depression, more susceptible to workplace pregnant mother

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Many people know that the 'postpartum depression', but the 'prenatal depression' and little is known about its severity. Experts said that 'prenatal depression is far greater than the dangers of postpartum depression, the worst case will do the harm their behavior such as self-mutilation and suicide involving fetal life. 'Experts remind the majority of antenatal women, women from pregnancy onwards, it should promptly adjust psychologically, good role reversal.

Hormonal changes trigger depression

It is understood that, in recent years, prenatal mental problems, psychological problems of women are on the rise, women only in the hotline has accounted for more than 15% of the total consulting, rose 9%, far more than postpartum depression Disease annual rate of rise of 2-3%, with white-collar women.

Prenatal depression in recent years, the emergence of a new mental illness during pregnancy. Women from pregnancy, due to hormonal changes, especially in early pregnancy 3 months, vomiting and other physical discomfort, while psychology prone to volatility, depressed mood more easily( Because of the female reproductive psychiatry susceptible, if the adjustment capacity of poor women now do not get proper care, psychological pressure is too large, it is difficult to convert from 'girl role' to 'mother role' it may show clinical mania, depression, schizophrenia, and even unconsciousness and hallucinations, unpredictable accidents that occur.

Mental illness is the reason for the gap

According to the analysis, pregnant women are often most worried about losing everything postpartum before pregnancy, her husband and the unit 'fall from grace', more white women are also worried that their body will deform.

More and more high-income pregnant women dismissed immediately after work to enrich the lives of the original state, a clear purpose in life all of a sudden gone, people have become very empty, pregnant women do not do things on the East West want to guess, guess long psychological problems will come out, in addition, urban women have not had it tough childhood, children will bring pain all day long so that they fear and trepidation.

Mothers need more care

Experts said that the husband should pay close attention to the psychological changes in his wife's pregnancy, postpartum, do everything possible to care for her, she was considerate and reduce adverse stimulus, so that it remains a pleasant mood and emotional stability of a boy, a girl does not have too much pressure In the first prenatal maternal childbirth and postpartum health knowledge understanding, reduce pregnant women 'pain' of childbirth to fear and tension.

Timely regulation of mood, relax, it is very important for pregnant women, appropriate outdoor sports, such as excursions, do pregnant women gymnastics, swimming, etc., to participate in some social activities, to maintain adequate nutrition during pregnancy because adequate nutrition and sufficient rest to avoid the occurrence of mental illness.

The best of the rest in the form of pregnant women that is sleeping, fatigue through proper sleep, so get physical and mental recovery(Parenting News If lack of sleep can cause fatigue, loss of appetite, lack of nutrition, physical defenses are weakened, increasing maternal and fetal infection opportunity to cause a variety of diseases, but sleep duration varies, and some sleep only 5-6 hours to restore strength and energy, and some need more time, normal people need eight hours of sleep pregnant women because of physical changes in a series of special, susceptible to fatigue, may be extended one hour is appropriate, generally should be at least 8 hours.

Third trimester of pregnancy, in order to maintain energy, but also insisted in one hour nap around noon as unconditionally who should be supine rest at least half an hour a day for pregnant women should not work more than eight hours of time, and should avoid the night shift working When the tired, under the conditions permit, can be a little rest for 10 minutes or so, but also to the outside, balcony or roof to breathe fresh air. long time to maintain a working posture of pregnant women, changes in posture from time to time in the middle, such as Dynamic stretching his arms and feet to relieve fatigue. In addition, leisurely walks contented, but also a good rest in the form, if we insist on after dinner nearby to parks, squares, stadiums, fields, wide roads or country road walking The best couples counterparts, but talk about a private message, in addition to fatigue, but also to adjust and maintain good mental state nostrum pregnant, pregnant women and fetal health benefits are. But the trip should be moderate, but also to avoid the cold, otherwise would be wasted. Fire News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.