It is estimated that 172 water projects with a total investment 1.7 trillion yuan

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Water Funds report group discussion

Public investment in water conservancy facilities rely mainly on financial investment and financing mechanism to be innovative

Ma Hui Beijing reported this reporter

Recently, the second session of the 12th NPC Standing Committee meeting of the Group considered previously made by the Minister of Finance Lou Jiwei << State Council on the state's financial investment and the use of water conservancy work report >> (Note: referred to hereinafter ' Report ').

In the meeting, members affirmed the recent national financial investment to increase water conservancy construction, but also for public water facilities still rely mainly on financial investment, market status quo water conservancy investment and financing mechanisms are not yet fully established expressed dissatisfaction.

Some members suggested that the state of public finance to better integrate social capital together to solve water issues, 'is an important direction for future development.'

Yet to increase investment

Lou Jiwei, a set of data referred to in the report, to participate in a group discussion of the members left a deep impression:

2011-2013, the national fiscal Water Funds from 361.9 billion yuan to 509( billion yuan, an average annual growth of 19%, 3-year cumulative investment 1.3261 trillion yuan, accounting for 3 percent of national expenditures over the same period in which the general public budget arrangements for water conservancy investment 942.3 billion yuan, an average annual growth of 13%, the government budgetary arrangements for water conservation funds invested 383.8 billion yuan, an average annual increase of 33%.

'After the 2011 Central Nianxia Central Document No. 1 In recent years, the central attaches great importance to the development of water reform work, increased investment, water development is relatively fast.' Luo Liang right members said.

Such a huge financial investment, a lot of support launched large-scale water conservancy projects, such as water diversion project, but on the other hand, from the construction of water conservancy infrastructure nationwide funding point of view, there is still a gap between the needs(Finance News

To cope with this topic of inquiry, the National People's Congress Working Committee organized a special pre-research, went to the local water conservancy construction funds to understand the use of the country, and completed a report entitled << national financial investment and use of water conservancy The research report >> (hereinafter referred to as 'research').

'Water conservancy construction is the basic, important public welfare stronger investment, investment demand and heavy task, present, both the central and local general, the investment will be strengthened.' Research report.

According to the State Department Water Resources Development 'five' long-term planning and other related special planning estimates, from 2011 to 2020 the average annual national water needs 400 billion yuan investment, and from 2011 to 2013 investment situation, there are still large gaps. The State Department also proposed this year to concentrate orderly 172 overall, strategic water-saving significant engineering, Ministry of Water Resources preliminary estimates project total investment reaching 1.7 trillion yuan, of which the center is expected to invest 920 billion yuan.

Clearly, from the terms of the central level, investment in water conservancy on there is still a gap.

For local governments to build water projects, the Ministry of Finance statistics caliber, the current local government at all levels about 54% of the financial water conservancy investment funds, accounting for half. But in fact, for many of the local government investment in building water conservancy projects, 'will is not strong insufficient investment. '

Research Report Disclosure: Henan Province Water Conservancy annual financial funds for more than 70 billion yuan, accounting for about 5% of revenue Sheng Benji, Heilongjiang Reclamation development and construction of more than 60 years, the average acre of farmland water conservancy construction investment of only 300 yuan, Some farm water conservancy construction investment in less than hundred acres.

2013 Audit sampling of nine provinces, there are four provinces of six water conservancy construction projects as a result of 175 million yuan of special local matching funds are not in place, affecting the normal implementation of the project.

'From the perspective of national and local circumstances, the overall water conservancy capital investment needs to continue to strengthen.' Members have taken part in the group discussion of the representation.

Money come from?

Faced with a huge gap in water conservancy construction funds, Lou Jiwei clearly stated in the report, one of the main reasons is the current 'water conservancy investment and financing system mechanism is not perfect.'

In his view, public water facilities still rely mainly on financial investment, water conservancy investment and financing market mechanisms are not yet fully established and some local input liability may not be implemented, it is difficult to ensure that the construction schedule and the objectives and requirements, some projects form a 'uncompleted' project, Some irrigation 'There is no end of the first,' the impact of the project is completed as soon as possible and to play a benefit.

In this regard, the National People's Congress Working Committee's pre-research report has a similar conclusion:

From the research situation, water conservancy construction dependent on government investment in single channel situation is more prominent, non-financial investment in the proportion of the total social investment generally low water conservancy, water conservancy areas for investment in social capital lack of enthusiasm, mainly rely on loans and the masses to put labor conservancy term lending policy has not been established in some areas of water conservancy government financing platform established by way of mortgage of land, there may be a potential financial risk.

'Water is not fully reflected in the field of construction, 'Who invests, benefits' principle, failed to form a government and the market 'hands' collaborative force pattern.' Investigation report said.

'Financial resources will always be limited, it is impossible to conquer the world, and our financial resources should be guided by the tax, appropriate subsidies to guide social investment funds more effectively.' Wu Xiaoling members said during the group discussion. She suggested that, regardless of from the main building water conservancy facilities, or running water pricing and operational mechanisms to promote water reform should be in the 'leverage additional financial resources.'

Lou Jiwei, the report also said that the future government should invest more to play 'skillfully deflected the question' role, 'while continuing to adhere to government-led Office of Water Conservancy, while speeding up the establishment of mechanisms for the government and market organic combination, more fully play to the market mechanism role. '

Specific reform initiatives or will include: speed up the establishment of multi-agent, multi-channel, multi-form of investment and financing mechanism to further promote financial capital investment in water conservancy construction, study and formulate policies and measures to attract investment in social capital, solve social capital 'into not 'and' do not want to enter ', the mobilization of social capital to participate in water conservancy project construction and management of the initiative and so on.

'How to establish a government, and the combination of market mechanism to attract investment in the market, it is necessary to improve the return on investment. Water In what ways is to make money, they do not have the government do it, let the market come to participate, the government does not make money to do, this is a basic principle. 'Rita Fan members said.

Pre-Work Committee of the NPC Standing Committee is further proposed research report: Speeding up the investment and financing system, to carry out water projects 'usufruct' pledge loans or issuing bonds pilot, expand financing channels for water conservancy, water-saving irrigation, rural water supply, etc. discount loans to support pilot projects. At the same time, the proposed study and explore public-private partnerships and other forms of social capital to participate guide and encourage social capital investment water utilities through franchising and other means.

'Solving the problem can not completely rely on the State Water Conservancy, to make greater use of the market, innovative financing model, considered to attract more social capital to solve.' Wang members said.

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