18 Libyan soldiers killed in militia raids

Published: 8:05:31 2014/12/26 8:05:31  Views: 427

Xinhua Cairo December 25 (Reporter Chen Xiangyang Zhang Yuan) Tripoli message: Libyan military sources from the 25th revealed stationed near the northern city of Sirte, Libya, the day was a force of religious militias raid, at least 18 soldiers were killed.

This is the name of the sources on condition of anonymity, told Xinhua News Agency, the religious militia 'Libya Dawn' and 'Ansar brigade' responsible for guarding the morning on a power plant near Sirte, 136 infantry battalions raid, 14 soldiers were hit died in the ensuing firefight the two sides, there are four soldiers were killed. It is not clear casualties religious militias.

At the same time, the religious militias and armed support for the Libyan interim government of Libya's largest oil exporter in the day near the port of Port Sidra start fighting. A tank was hit by rockets, caused the fire.

From this month on the 13th, 'Libya Dawn' and 'Ansar brigade' to win for Sidra, and other oil port of Ras Lanuf control over the Libyan interim government from supporting armed hands, launched a large-scale military operations(http://www.fireinews.com/). Currently, two oil ports have been forced to close.

Oil is the lifeblood of Libya's economy and pillar, the country exported more than 95 percent of revenue from oil last month, 'Libya Dawn' armed seizure of the largest oil field in Libya Sharara oil field control.

Since July 13, respectively, to support the armed forces of secular and religious forces in the capital Tripoli, the second largest city of Benghazi and other places continued conflict. 'Libya Dawn' in late August seized control of Tripoli, support term has ended and the resumption of the National Assembly formed a 'national salvation government', the Libyan interim government and the new parliament - the National Congress was forced to move to the eastern Libyan town of Tobruk Hence there are two governments, two parliaments. confrontation.

(Original title: 18 Libyan soldiers were killed in militia raids)

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