Subdistrict said being urged against the building demolition has been installed on the doors and windows

Published: 8:02:58 2014/12/26 8:02:58  Views: 431

December 8 users reflect Xiang Yi Hotline: Yanliang District, on the southern end of the sidewalk Lo market, has recently set up three illegal activities of the board, ready to do business with business.

December 11 China Daily to Yanliang Phoenix Road neighborhood offices advisory letter.

December 17 received a reply: under investigation, Ann Lo southern end of the market there are two shops in front of the facade of self-built house 3 Color Room, Phoenix Road street had been involved in two businesses made Luandaluanjian 'cessation notice,' the removal deadline, currently supervise demolition work.

Verification: December 24th person to reflect, Ann Lo southern end of the market has not yet dismantled Color Room 3, which has been a continuing construction of the doors and windows installed.

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