Hongkou leadership training primary and secondary schools have a "fast track"

Published: 8:01:40 2014/12/26 8:01:40  Views: 387

□ reporter Zhu Xiaofang

Morning News an ordinary classroom teachers principals how far away? Previously, generally through the senior leader, the headmaster and other seven steps, if everything step by step, you need 26 years. Reporters learned yesterday, Hongkou District School Board is to create a 'cadre stand fast track 'through the' sea election 'mode, the selection of candidates for future reserve cadre school principals and school teachers from the front line.

It is reported that the past is different for selection and training of future school principals, Hongkou District School Board adopted a 'sea election' mode, 40 years of age can apply classroom teachers. After the written test and interview, there are 18 students eventually emerge into the Hongkou reserve cadre school (principal training base to the school (the identity of the principal assistants to carry out practical training. After the training period, participants can enter leadership positions, to conduct a rigorous assessment by a third party professional assessment body(http://www.fireinews.com/).

Training time for two years, has been in the past year, while elementary schools under the student to hang real job in charge of specific tasks, while still in class, complete a certain amount of hours, one day a week to learn to focus time and through specific practical research topics to further strengthen and enhance the sense of innovation and creativity.

Hongkou District for school leaders to break the conventional culture methods, a new era of Shanghai Education Development and Evaluation Center Zhu Yihua commented: 'It breaks the traditional selection and training of educational administrators frame, creating a more open, fair and scientific selection mechanism, for young people who have the desire and potential to participate in educational administration opened the channel, the establishment of a platform. '

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