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December 25, A shares in the massive counterattack led by financial stocks, banking, insurance, etc. have higher index to close out a hundred points Changyang.

Bo business growth fund managers Hanmao Hua analysts said yesterday's rally on Wednesday is amended rapid decline, but the main stock index rebounded from the financial sector began to transition to construction, machinery and other midstream sector. Secondly, yesterday's rally is the size of the stock of the S & P rise, the market is different from the characteristics of the early 'eight' differentiation.

Recent market movements have attracted the attention of bank shares yesterday Return of the King, the Bank SWS index rose 4.64 percent, in the industry sector rose after the architectural decoration. Dacheng Fund [microblogging] said bank shares in favor of positive rumors overall performance, non-silver deposits with financial institutions, if you do not pay the deposit reserve, will help ease market pressure on short-term liquidity(

Dacheng Fund Notes researcher believes that its impact has two main aspects: First, the equivalent drop quasi invisible, to help maintain the inter-bank market liquidity is ample, the probability of falling in the short term prospective hedge may decline, on the other hand, this initiatives actually enhances the ability of banks to lend, and the latter on the bond market will bring some of the supply pressure. However, the willingness of banks to lend is uncertain, so the impact on bond yields remains to be seen.

'With the economy bottoming be promoting SOE reform and gradually resolve local debt problems, on the banks of the long-term is expected to be improved, the banking sector is expected to complete the repair and recovery in the valuation in the next 1-2 years.' Bo Fund [microblogging] official said, despite the macroeconomic level and the interest rate market and other factors affect the bank short-term, but its long-term view of the banking sector is relatively optimistic that the current low valuation sector as a whole has been basically digested unfavorable factors. need to focus on is that in response to the economic downturn and the process of marketization of interest rates, the bank's internal differentiation sector may occur, management mechanisms and incentives to improve on the business customer orientation direction of economic restructuring in line with the bank will have the opportunity to stand out.

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