Photo: spend 18 yuan a day for unlimited subway can

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Metropolis Daily News Pictured: 1-day ticket price of 18 yuan / Zhang

Pictured: 3-day ticket 45 yuan / Zhang

Pictured: 7 day ticket 90 yuan / Zhang

(Reporter correspondent Wang Xuan Liu flash Wuhan Metro upcoming regular fare ticket number, look like? Yesterday from Wuhan subway operating company informed that on December 28 the opening day of the second phase of Line 4, will be officially released rail 1,3 , 7th regular ticket, passengers can apply for regular tickets in the subway stations and refund the purchase call center and other services.

Among them, the 1st ticket price of 18 yuan / Zhang, the 3rd ticket 45 yuan / Zhang, 7 day ticket 90 yuan / Zhang, when a deposit prior sale 20 yuan / Zhang reporter saw on a regular kind of vote, the 1st tickets to the navy blue color, printed with the number '1' and the image Jianghan off 3-day tickets for the main colors of orange, printed with an image of the Yangtze River Bridge, 7 day ticket for the main color of malachite green, and printed with the Yellow Crane Tower image.

According to reports, a regular ticket for the one-time purchase, anonymous and not report the loss, no balance, can not recharge. Only one person per vehicle, valid for unlimited travel within the rail. For example, using the period of the 1st ticket sale hours of operation time until the end of the day, at 11:00 on December 28 to buy, use period to the end of December 28 operations(

Regular ticket can not be used in conjunction with other tickets, certificates before the expiration of a regular ticket lifetime or refunded after the expiry of the business can be handled in the rail transit network stations call center, ticket collection. When the card refund, if coupon no damage, deposit shall be refunded, if unable to produce a regular ticket or coupon is damaged, the deposit will not be refunded.

It is understood that many of the city subway opened its ticketing policy is very flexible as a wide selection of Paris, both one-way ticket, day pass, and weekly tickets, monthly, etc., Shanghai Metro has also been launched on the 1st ticket, 3 Day tickets. flexible ticketing policy, convenient not only local residents, visitors and more convenient places.

Today, Wuhan subway operating company will be operational at the end of the line network upgrade self-service ticket machine parameters, in order to ensure the smooth opening of the 4th Line Phase II trial operation. After the upgrade is complete, December 27 vending machines across the board network of the site will be able to on the 4th line to buy two tickets station. However, to remind passengers that, please do not go on the 4th line to buy tickets before the second phase of the station on December 28 on the 4th line two opened(News News Fire News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.