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Hubei Daily News reporter Chen Huijun correspondent Yang Yajun

Do a good hard? Good people will lose it?

Hu Nan, Lu Yang, Ezhou have a pair of young parents, this year in June, their 8-month-old son Zhuozhuo, because of severe spinal muscular atrophy leading to respiratory failure died. More than grief, they decided to son's liver, kidney, cornea donated. Zhuozhuo become the youngest Ezhou body donation, and his life in the four individuals who continue.

Officials Ming Jie, Wuhan fifth hospital general surgery nurses, son suffering from acute severe aplastic anemia. In April, she and her son boarded the train T58, traveled to Beijing for treatment, on the way, fellow passengers sudden emergency, She decisive rescue, help the patients with laryngeal cancer will come off the tracheal tube reset She did not tell anyone about the matter. After more than a month, a reporter follow the video to find her on the train, it was only More people know(

Zhuang Zhuang, a 6-month-old premature children, to save at least 200,000 yuan for medical expenses need big Chu led fundraising network, within 72 hours, a total of 10590 users donated more than 550,000 yuan. 'Thousands of loving friends 'As a collective, topped August Jingchu Kai die' good list. '

Good, rooted in the heart of each person. Zeshan from it, anyone can become a 'good man.'

Good people, it seems to give up some things, but it brings together a powerful force, produce miracles, hope.

47-year-old Yi Qin operates in Wuhan, a special food companies, eight years ago, she has sold two houses to factories posted mortgage money, the cumulative loss of nearly 80 million, leaving only 12 mentally retarded workers.

49-year-old 辛天英 is Suizhou District days Michang British director the late 1990s, once neighbors dispute, she took the initiative to mediate the two sides to bury the hatchet(News News Since then, she embarked on the road of conciliation obligations .15 years, She mediate disputes conflicts over 2000 onwards.

54-year-old bus driver 李茂清 is an area of Shiyan, Yunyang, 20 years, whenever any property in the car picked up, he tried every means to restitution, the protection of passengers who fall a quilt, heroic fight with criminals, right finger was chopped .2008, he began to take unpaid send children to school in the mountains, such as 1, 2007, have never stopped.

8 years, 15 years, 20 years - time for the goodness and love becomes thick, long years, perseverance, Dead Poets Society, refreshing.

Also obliged to hammer nails tire repairman 谢舒明 bus company, Long Peng, the entire life dedicated to the old party charity Zhang Bing, twice Yijuan marrow female teacher Guo Hui, based job helping folks village postman Shun Chen Lun, love Relay care for disabled students, Hubei University, 'concentric Brothers' group of students ......

They say, for others has helped, and my heart flattered, feel that they are the happiest people in the world.

Feel caring world wide. Life, no one will ever easy, others need help, helping hand extended, is also the obligation of responsibility. A mutual affinity and mutual love, mutual help society, must be a civilized and harmonious society. Fire News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.