Wuhan 120 eligible children with severe 2.52 million yuan relief fund

Published: 7:19:00 2014/12/26 7:19:00  Views: 511

Metropolis Daily News (Reporter Zhao Yi-Ming Chen Lingyan intern reporter learned yesterday from the Wuhan City, the Red Cross, the official launch of this year's 'major disease of children aged 0-6 humanitarian assistance' program, has rescue 33 children with leukemia, cerebral palsy patients children 87.

'My 6-year-old son, was diagnosed with leukemia last year, the entire family in trouble. After this year finished second course of treatment, has been unable to undertake follow-up costs, but fortunately we have this aid project to the solution of urgent needs.' Yin children Yin's mother told reporters that the child's treatment without interruption, has effective control of the disease, with only intermittent chemotherapy accept.

'33 children with leukemia received assistance, there are 29 condition was alleviated, 87 children with cerebral palsy, the 70 condition improved, including three children with rehabilitation.' Relevant person in charge, this year a total payment assistance payments 2(http://www.fireinews.com/).52 million yuan, of which nearly all sectors of the community donations 760,000 yuan. 'major disease of children aged 0-6 humanitarian assistance' project in 2014, one of the city government to the private ten things, mainly for children with leukemia and cerebral palsy poverty relief, its total funds, relief efforts for the history of the highest, not open-ended, how much how much to save.

This project, many parents also made suggestions to expand the age range of Save the Children, and to expand aid disease, the cure rate is high, but the cost will be more expensive diseases included in the scope of relief.

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