Do spend the end of the assault spamming property

Published: 7:19:00 2014/12/26 7:19:00  Views: 455

Metropolis Daily News According to Xinhua News Agency, the CPC Central Committee and State Council recently issued a << on the good work in 2015 during the New Year Spring Festival notice >>.

Notification requirements, adhere to pragmatic frugality civilization holidays, non-end assault money. Party and government organs at all levels and Party members and cadres should take the lead in implementing the provisions of the spirit of the eight central and strict financial discipline, diligence and holidays, culture festivals, may use any name-end assault money and spamming allowances, subsidies, bonuses and kind, shall hold annual meetings, gala operating with financial capital.

Strict implementation of the provisions of honest government, and resolutely put an end to 'holiday corruption.' Leading cadres at all levels should continue further against the 'four winds', using public funds to engage in non-mutual visits, gifts, meals and other New Year activities, prohibited use of public funds to eat and drink, travel and participation high consumption of entertainment and fitness activities, prohibited access to private clubs, training centers by extravagance, prohibited use of public funds to purchase gift greeting cards and fireworks, and other New Year Festival ceremony, prohibited use of public funds received visiting friends and relatives, travel, and other non-official activities, prohibited the use of marriage funeral festive enrichment, prohibited accepting illegal gifts, gifts, and all kinds of securities, payment vouchers, prepaid cards, electronic envelopes, non-participation in various forms of gambling activities is prohibited Gongchesiyong related costs will be passed on non-state-owned enterprises, private enterprises( discipline inspection organs at all levels should intensify efforts to disciplinary accountability for violations at fast thorough investigation of misconduct, be held directly responsible for the responsibility, while the main responsibility seriously investigated related to the leadership and oversight responsibilities, problems typical prominent giving names notified exposure. Fire News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.