[The company] BYD: battery capacity constraints new energy vehicle sales

Published: 15:32:26 2014/12/11 15:32:26  Views: 488

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Panorama News Network December 11 hearing BYD (002,594 in the latest investor relations activities << >> record sheet revealed that from this point of view, the main reason for restricting the company's new energy vehicle sales that battery production capacity, and market demand is very strong(http://www(Finance News http://www.fireinews.com/).fireinews.com/).

BYD said the company battery production capacity of about 1.6GWH, new energy automobile production capacity equivalent to approximately 20,000 under the table.

BYD's main business includes rechargeable battery business, mobile phone parts and assembly operations, and include traditional fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles, including the automotive business. (Panorama Network

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