Students interview frequently enterprise "Cha Hukou"

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Students interview frequently enterprise 'Cha Hukou'

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Li Jing, Chen Xiaoxuan, Wu Qian correspondent reports: Recently, the 2015 college graduates by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education sponsored by the supply and demand special meeting will be held in Guangzhou University City University compared to other disciplines limiting recruitment, this. comprehensive job fairs attracted a total of 400 enterprises scene stall 'Careers' job involves architecture, design, landscape, secretarial, teachers, administration, human resources and other types of reporters found that many companies are meeting the recruitment requirements introduce students to family background, and some companies even after the candidates introduced the initiative to return your resume, and frankly 'not suitable.' In this regard, the candidate students opt innocence, requires companies to 'Do not Cha Hukou('

'Can you tell me something about your family background? What are parents to do? There are several brothers and sisters? Home you buy it?' Recently, a job fair in Guangzhou University City Campus of the University, a landscape company Liu Danting in landscape design professional students not yet begun to introduce yourself when you were asked to detail the family situation.

'I was ignorant, not my design work, do not look at my resume direct request to talk about my family.' Liudan Ting told reporters, although the first time to attend job fairs, but she never thought would be the employer interest in family background. 'If it were not behind a long line, I thought he was blind too!' 刘丹婷 that in order to apply for this company, she went to buy a nice dress fabric. 'I stay up all night finishing Some gardens of their own design work, but did not think they heard me home after the northern part of Guangdong, directly returned to my resume, said do not fit. '

'Rather than hiring them, they might as well say at Cha Hukou' Liu Danting respect, family information privacy issues, the employer should not be too much to ask. 'And I'm learning and working ability and family background seems okay! I do not understand that they are hiring or in the blind date(News News

Reporters learned that the candidates focus on family background is not a family business, 'exclusive choice.' Guangdong University of Finance Wu psychology students at the interview a company's sales job, he was asked whether the interviewer on the spot at home off , the availability of resources that can help the company. 'I've come to candidates, but not to invest.' Wu told reporters that the students, for this only concerned about family background, the company is not concerned about the ability to work, she could only give up.

However, the employer relevant responsible person Lingnan Garden Co., told reporters on the matter are of a different opinion, family background will answer the interview, the candidate's family background investigation is mainly to give candidates matching the workplace . 'Our company's business is dispersed in the country, the need for employees to travel frequently. If you have a general understanding of the graduate's family background, it would more clearly with the company matching between them.'

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