Taitung push a library to read up to 3 years old twins who look more than 500 books

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Taitung push a library to read up to 3 years old twins who look more than 500 books

Only 3-year-old twin sisters Xuting Yuan, Xu Yuan is eligible Kano township building up people reading the first 3, 5 Figure: Taiwan << United Daily News >>

BEIJING, Dec. 11, according to Taiwan << United Daily News >> reported that Taiwan Taitung County Luye Township Library in recent years to promote reading and encourage people to borrow books, including Dai Jufang almost see a book a day, won the first volume library 1, only 3-year-old twins Xuting Yuan, Xu Yuan built in 266 and 255, respectively, separated 3,5 name book.

Liu Xuan librarian in Kano, said Kano Township Office Library Week activities organized by reading annual awards ceremony to launch Taiwan original story picture book exhibition tour, prepare the country have fewer opportunities to see many picture books, so that people enjoy(http://www.fireinews.com/). And schools invited to participate in the township Daren reading books will be recommended by the eight student has recommended books to share experiences.

Top statistics which read until the end of November, to borrow up to 10 books before the youngest winners of the first three of 许婷媛, and Xu Yuan to build the first five, they are twin sisters, only 3 years old.

They said that the book is very interesting pattern, Mom and Dad would tell a story with their reading, so that they have been watching, a look endless, and even dream will dream story.

Their parents said that, do not want to contact a child too early electronic products, so they grew up with reading, hoping to make them feel the joy of reading, maybe they read to forget, but at least let them like to read, they would not wrong.

Read the monthly average of nearly 30 books villagers Dai Jufang, 11 months before the book had to borrow 328, almost one day one, won the first 1. Many people are surprised to see how she can be so much to see so fast, in fact, She felt not as hard as reading speed more quickly, if they wish, does not have time to read.

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