11 CCTV reporter posing as fraud gang 21 provinces, more than 300 people

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Legal Evening News (Reporter Xue Hong) to earn money, advertising salesman, led a high female CEOs to CCTV reporter posing as reporters or CCTV network to help each other to eliminate the negative opinion of the way, fraud 21 provinces more than 100 counties, more than 300 people.

This morning, Fengtai Procuratorate Bulletin, to approve the arrest of the high of a fraud, Jo, 11 people.

One day in May 2013 in the morning, sir Production Safety Supervision Bureau office in a city cow received a phone call claiming to CCTV reporter, said the people of the city to a construction site anonymously security incidents, asking treatment advice.

Mr. Niu heard the CCTV reporter, quickly explained. Questioning tone accusing each other in the unit failed to properly handle the incident, led to some negative remarks. Thereafter, a female reporter several times to contact Mr. Niu, said Mr. Niu can help CCTV units where online to do some positive reports, reversing the negative public opinion, but need to pay Mr(http://www.fireinews.com/). Niu unit publicity 70,000 yuan.

After several contacts, Mr. Niu finally to 'female reporter' remittance 3000 yuan.

35-year-old, a former high of a teacher, in 2005 to Beijing (News News http://www.fireinews.com/).2010, the high of a met Jo, they set up an advertising company, both in the number of job sites, job posting, after the move into the staff requirements Staff lied or CCTV network CCTV reporter on hot recent events to help companies eliminate the negative impact of the grounds to get money. They remind the clerk, when the first contact, do not mention money, must 'step by step . '

Contractors prosecutors introduced Chen Wei, a rarity in remote areas of crime suspects, mainly because of fear of Beijing Enterprises door verification, outreach mechanisms corresponding to improve enterprise cities, generally will not easily fooled. The small town in remote areas of the enterprise, I heard 'CCTV reporter' calls, often very seriously, and have actually gullible.

Ko, Jo lead salesman, fraud over 100 counties of 21 provinces, more than 300 people. At present, a high, Jo, 11 people have been Fengtai arrested for fraud prosecution.

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