Communications: Chinese education "livelihood projects" in the "grassroots" power

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China news agency, Beijing, December 11 - Title: Chinese education 'livelihood projects' in the 'grassroots' power

Author Shuang Hao

'In the overseas Chinese schools, almost all of the 'grassroots' school. We have to consider how to make these 'grassroots' Chinese school, more firmly into the mainstream culture and social development.' Cleveland Contemporary Chinese School in the Third World Chinese Wang Liming told reporters the case said during the Conference on Education.

Recently fall of the Third World Conference on Education for Chinese Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council and the China Overseas Exchange Association backdrop, from 50 countries and regions, more than 500 Chinese language education at the meeting were representatives of communication and discussion on the development of Chinese education.

The World Conference on Education in Chinese, the Chinese State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Director Qiu Yuanping pointed out that not only is the Chinese culture in Chinese language education overseas 'Project Hope', the Chinese overseas 'stay the root project', but also stressed that Chinese education is the Chinese Community The most important 'livelihood projects('

Today, the Chinese education has not only limited to the field of education, have become the people's livelihood and the survival and development of overseas Chinese are closely related. The 'ground gas' and 'grassroots' Chinese schools to undertake the development of overseas Chinese education, 'the people's livelihood projects' responsibility.

Maryland School Harvey Chinese Vice Du Mei believes that Chinese children a great need to help them educate Chinese living in the country to survive, integrate.

'In the US, many Chinese children like bananas, Chinese children lack the ability to communicate difficult to integrate into mainstream society. China is on the rise in the international community and the growing influence of the private sector, more and more people are recognized by the Chinese people wisdom and culture. 'She told reporters,' Chinese children need to understand Chinese culture and character, we should give them a plug in a pair of wings so Chinese. '

Wang Liming also said that the Chinese living overseas, I hope the next generation can better integrate into mainstream society while retaining Chinese culture. He said, 'We want to become citizens of Chinese children's all-round development, to play their own cultural superiority, In live in mainstream society 'be popular', and more confident to survive(News News '

Based on these desires and beliefs, overseas Chinese educators focused its efforts on providing good Chinese educational environment. 'Grassroots' spirit to help them survive adversity.

In the initial phase, the school where Wang Liming can not be understood by the mainstream culture, but the teachers did not give up. They have full-time work on weekdays, weekend school volunteer, student teaching. Wang Liming said, 'We really want to help the students in community based these years, we have also been supported by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council textbooks, reading materials and teacher training, heart full of gratitude. '

Rose Du told reporters, 'We can not afford to pay wages, all rely on volunteers. Although meager personal power, but we for the same common goal, there will be results.'

Wang Malaysian Chinese School Teachers Federation President Maria said that overseas Chinese were the Chinese cultural heritage, must be based on Chinese education as a basis. 'In Malaysia, Chinese education has a long history, a good development, but in the development of Chinese education is not long or development difficult areas, Chinese school strength is limited, then, as the Chinese education 'leader' of the Chinese school organization is very important. '

In this regard, Du Mei said that as more and more government attention and support, and she hoped that support can be more binding national realities, local conditions, she said, 'Sometimes, local forces but bigger. We need to receive local 'to air', play a 'grassroots' advantage. '(END Fire News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.