News: Sports active in the technology industry sector stocks rose nearly 9%

Published: 10:59:50 2014/12/11 10:59:50  Views: 477

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Sina Financial News December 11 news sports sector stocks active in the technology industry rose nearly 9 percent, Wuhan Holdings, Jiulong Mountain, Xinhua, China Animal Husbandry shares gainers.

Message level, the CCTV News Channel has launched five << >> asked Chinese football program, the People's Daily and CCTV also echoed a series of reports made it clear that the development of Chinese football, the most likely solution is grabbed from teenagers. In addition, the Central Leading Group for deepening reform and comprehensive research has had issues with the football after the Xinhua News Agency and CCTV two submitted a national media up to hundreds of pages of material.

National level football background concern is no doubt that this year, pushing the development of sports industry executives, the State Council issued the << on accelerating the development of sports industry to promote the consumption of a number of observations Sports >> request strive to 2025, the total size of the sports industry more than 5 trillion yuan, promoting sustained economic and social development of an important force.

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