[Game] in the history of the most pull hatred, unchaste stock game was born

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Panorama News Network December 10 hearing in the history of the most pull hate most unchaste stocks puzzle game - 'P shares Hero' was born today!

According to the operators of CLC, 'P shares Heroes' is a one-day stocks rose size determines the outcome of the online game (http://www(Finance News http://www.fireinews.com/).fireinews.com/).P Friends by PK selected stocks rose a second day showdown .PK divided into groups P, a single P two kinds, the player wins can continue to accumulate gold, constantly upgraded. The game also built a mall, players can be in the hands of gold to dig treasure, grab against the way into a variety of gift exchange. According to the operator responsible person said, mall The gift is mainly provided by the listed company fun, delicious, easy things, such as sea cucumbers, Pennefather technology to provide Bluetooth keyboard offers wine Yinguangxia One Bridge fry, etc. provided more apples IPHONE6 \ IPAD MINI other 'big kill.'

From the operator also learned that the first launch 'P shares Heroes' on-line micro-channel version, to facilitate the players for PK exchange and share anywhere, the latter will gradually on the line PC version, APP and other versions.

Operator also revealed to us the good news: the operator will double twelve events in the day, the audience free to send goods, interested users can spell the next character!

Users can join the following ways P shares Heroes:

1, the micro-channel search 'pghero888' micro-channel public numbers, plus interest,

2, the direct scan the QR code, then add attention:

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