Changsha public hospital reform issued guidance to encourage social capital to participate in the restructuring

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Changsha public hospital reform issued guidance to encourage social capital to participate in the restructuring

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Net Changsha December 11 hearing (rolling news reporter Zhao Yinghui hospital is difficult and expensive .12 has been criticized on the 9th, Changsha Municipal Government issued << Changsha City public hospital reform guidance >> (hereinafter referred to as << comments >>).

<< >> Views put forward to break the 'drugs make doctors' mechanism, cancel drug addition, encourage social capital to participate in the public hospital reform, improve corporate governance structure of public hospitals, to 2015, the city all county public hospital reform fully implemented, City level public hospital reform achieved some success .2020, strive county patient attendance rate of around 90%( The opinions >> << From January 1, 2015 implementation.

Cancel drug addition income compensation

For a long time, public hospitals in case of insufficient government subsidies, have to rely on subsidized medicines hospital revenues. County public hospitals generally on the basis of the purchase price increase of 15%, and then sold to patients. The more doctor of medicine, the more expensive , drug addition, the hospital's income will be higher, easily lead to the doctor, 'prescription', 'big check.'

In order to get rid of the 'drugs make doctors' mechanism, << comments >> compensation mechanism proposed reform of public hospitals(News News Previously, public hospitals compensated by the service charges, drug addition income and government subsidies constitute three channels, << comments >> requested their service charges and government subsidies to two channels, cut the 'drug addition income' a public hospital to cancel drug addition, the implementation of zero sales slip.

Cancel drug addition, will enable hospitals to reduce income, which, << comments >> decided to compensate by adjusting the price of medical services and technology to increase government investment in other ways.

<< >> Opinions that will follow the principle of total control, structural adjustment, the abolition of drug addition, based on the adjustment of the price of medical technology services. Lower drug prices and large equipment for examination and treatment, a reasonable increase registration fees, medical fees, surgery, Chinese medicine treatment, care and other medical fees standards reflect the reasonable cost of medical services and medical personnel skilled labor value. Medicare payment policy should converge with the price adjustment, medical and technical services fees paid according to the provisions included in the scope of Medicare.

Encourage social capital to participate in the restructuring

<< >> According to opinion, encourage and guide social capital to invest in public hospitals, in the way of investment return on investment in public hospitals in the courtyard area construction, logistics services.

At the same time, encourage well-known brand of medical entities, medical Investment Management Group and public hospitals to carry out multi-level business cooperation, the establishment of a regional specialist medical service center, build competitive advantage brand.

<< Comments >> encourage social capital to actively participate in public hospital system. Medical office experience preferred, good social reputation, advanced management mode various medical institutions, by association, the transformation of the reorganization, hosting and other forms, and actively and steadily on the part of the public hospitals (including state-owned enterprises, hospitals) restructuring, encourage the establishment of mixed ownership joint-stock hospital to encourage and support social capital to cooperate with the new public hospital run hospital.

Dean explore appointment, appraisal system

Beginning next year, Changsha will actively explore the Public Hospital appointment, each session for a term of four years, Dean, Dean strengthen management capacity training, promote Dean professional and specialized construction. Establish dean and related management personnel salary system .

At the same time, how to behave president, will conduct an annual assessment. << >> Opinions term president calls for annual target responsibility assessment system, assessment is divided into excellent, good, qualified, unqualified four grades, examination results and Dean appointment and removal of the relevant managers and hospital financial assistance and other incentives linked.

In addition to Dean, performance pay will also be the number of medical personnel and medical services, quality, technical difficulty, medical risk, responsibility size, cost control, ethics, public satisfaction linked to performance appraisal results are valid, so that more and more workers have excellent merit pay, equal pay, reflecting the value of medical services personnel technologies. shall not be linked to drugs and medical personnel to check income personal income and hospitals. Fire News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.