Baby yield advantage gradually disappear P2P finance people love to hate

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Behind the explosive growth of P2P, but also a time of exposure risks due to the presence of regulatory gaps, platforms running, withdrawal difficulties or collapse around. Late last year intensive foot P2P industry has brought investors too much pain this year The 'foot boom' also did not stop, so many investors are frequently 'step on mine.'

P2P strides

'Foot boom' occurred frequently

With the 'baby' financial products yield advantage gradually disappeared, until people 'love to hate' the P2P financial products will highlight the 'high cost.' From the beginning of last year, P2P industry 'red-hot', in addition to the bank insurance, listed companies, large groups and other traditional financial institutions have to enter the Internet in the financial sector, a number of third-party asset management companies, small loan companies, pawn shops have also began to start the transition back 'online' business .P2P explosive growth , the industry has brought investors intensive foot too much pain, this year's 'foot boom' also did not stop, so many investors are frequently 'step on mine(' Some scams platform from the founder of the early days of ' knock a count an 'attitude, this year on foot, many P2P platform is the class.

Net loan House released the latest data show that in November issue platform reached 39, of which, Zhejiang, Guangdong has become the hardest hit, the question reached the platform 11 and 8 .61% of the problem because the platform 'withdrawals difficult' has been exposed, Most of these platforms by 'limiting the amount of withdrawals' or 'continuous cast' way to solve the current problem, but there is also the opportunity to play for time, seeking opportunities foot platform.

Industry reshuffle is inevitable

Expect regulatory policies floor

Banks and listed companies involved, promoting pattern of P2P industry gradually formed four camps 'Warring States separatism' of the situation. That is the first to enter P2P industry, 'grass-roots platform', later 'state-owned background platform' to banks and other financial institutions The main strength of 'financial background platform' and listed companies mainly to industrial strength 'listed company background platform.' At present, the various forces in the creation of the platform and the founding of the transition period, the competition is certainly there, but not yet to the white-hot stage of development. I believe that we will learn well the internal strength, after the industry regulator settled policy, P2P industry will certainly usher in a reshuffle. At the same time, 2015 is a year to honor P2P product focus(Finance News '2015 is the P2P net loan development of the industry's most critical year, because 2015 is the P2P net loan payment of long-term financial products focused on the first wave of the year, is a P2P net loan companies in the business of risk control, management and service the most direct 'assessment', not exclude inadequate risk control and other operational capacity will net loan companies were acquired or the possibility of collapse. In addition, the user needs as the core, financial products or services will become the trend is accelerating iterative, agile development of this rapid pace of traditional financial companies will caused no small pressure. 'Insiders bluntly.

In fact, although the Internet and grassroots financial capital gained the favor of investors, but only 6 together market financial products compared to the size of 25 trillion, and the current 'baby' products and P2P net loan size of proportion %, still only a small part of the industry, 'said 2015 will be a part of the P2P companies out, some do not even say that the strength of the background, rely on high returns to attract corporate users will be out in the early development of P2P market mixed, some investors blind pursuit of high returns, high interest borrowing renowned platform, but in 2014 the storm continued on foot P2P industry, many investors who seek high returns are beginning to return to reason, began to self-reflection future, security Let the premise of increasing the value of assets to achieve stable investment model will be the trend. '

Experts advise investors must choose a platform for P2P assessment, a look at the platform if there is a pool of money, set up a platform for the existence of pools of capital risk on foot, the second is the business license and registered capital verification platform, three to see the platform size, turnover amount, safe operation duration, four small decentralized platform model is more reliable, five look-platform risk control system is perfect, ultra-high six platforms to be alert to earnings, seven to be ranked in the third-party access platform evaluation system view its historical performance and so on.

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