Yu Ho entertainment cruise industry early test for 710 million yuan of total transcoding

Published: 8:45:04 2014/12/11 8:45:04  Views: 405

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Sina Financial News December 11, according to reports Finet, the Royal City of Entertainment (00164-HK) announcement that, as of this year, October 1 to November 30 unaudited operating data during the cruise business only.

Period, the Group's total passenger volume of more than 5,700 Royal Cruise Ho man, and recorded a total number of about 7.1288 turn billion Melco Group as a royal cruise manager, during recorded a turnover of about 2,310 million. Since August In late start operating until the end of November, the cruise business cumulative turnover of more than 3,410 yuan, and compare the performance of the Group for the year ended March 31, 2014, approximately 83% of the annual total annual turnover.

Executive director Lee Kuang Yu said the group in late August this year, was officially launched cruise business, provide overall management and operation of the service, during the test industry has made a positive contribution to the Group, is confident this business will generate substantial revenue for the Group in the future. (Naturally)

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