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Xi Jinping: consolidate and develop the broadest possible patriotic united front

Central United Front Work Conference was held from 18 to 20 in Beijing. CPC Central Committee General Secretary and State President and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. He stressed that adhere to Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important thought of 'Three Represents', scientific development concept as a guide, in-depth study of the situation facing the united front work, do a solid job in all aspects of the United Front work to consolidate and develop the broadest possible patriotic united front, to promote the 'four comprehensive' strategic layout for the realization of 'two one hundred In 'goal, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream, it offers a wide range of forces to support.

Xi Jinping stressed in his speech, in revolution, construction and reform in various historical periods, our party has always been the united front and united front work in an important position of the party's work. Do united front work in the new situation, the most fundamental is to uphold the party's leadership, correctly handle the relationship between consistency and diversity, continue to consolidate the common ideological and political basis, while giving full play to democracy, respect for differences inclusiveness, good fellowship friends, expand common struggle of power.

Xi pointed out that adhere to and improve the multi-party cooperation and political consultation system under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, to better reflect the effectiveness of this system, the focus in the play to the positive role of the democratic parties and personages without party affiliation. To improve the content and form of political consultations so that negotiations on consensus and optimization decisions play a role. from the institutional support and improve political participation, democratic supervision, participation in politics in the form of exploration for effective and democratic supervision. To support the democratic parties to strengthen self-construction, improve the political ability to grasp, politics, organizational leadership, working in cooperation capacity, ability to solve their own problems.

Xi stressed that the work of intellectuals outside the party, the united front of the basic and strategic work done intellectuals outside the party work, not only to enhance the sense of responsibility, with a strong work force, but also to improve its working methods, learn with intellectuals outside the party dealing in particular ideological and political work of art. To attach great importance to and work out a new economic organizations, new social organizations in intellectual work, and guide them to play an active role to adhere to support study abroad, encouraging return, freedom of movement, the role of , and encourage students to return to work or serve the country in various forms. To strengthen and improve the working of the new media representative who let them show the positive energy in carrying forward the theme and so on.

Xi pointed out that to promote the healthy development of non-public economy and non-public ownership economy to healthy growth, we must insist on unity, service, guidance, education policy, and focus on their thinking, attention to their difficulties, to guide non-public ownership economy especially the younger generation rich source , making further progress, so patriotic, dedicated, innovative, law-abiding, honest, and contributions of the United Front Work To effectively cover trade associations, chambers of commerce play a Federation of guidance, guide, service functions, ensure the correct direction of development of the Chamber of Commerce.

Xi Jinping stressed the need to grasp the spirit of the Central Ethnic Work Conference to implement and promote national harmony and co harmonious development. To fully implement the Party's policy of freedom of religious belief, handle religious affairs according to law, adhere to the principle of independence and self-management, and actively guide religions adapt to socialist society actively guide religions to adapt to socialist society, we must adhere to the direction of China, raise the level of religious rule of law, Dialectically social role of religion, the importance to play the role of religious figures, religious guide efforts to promote economic development , social harmony, cultural prosperity, national unity, reunification services. To adapt to the new situation, really good job Macau, Taiwan affairs, overseas Chinese affairs.

Xi stressed that the use of non-party personages culture is our Party's consistent policy to increase the non-Party personages training, selection, use of work, and strive to cultivate a consciously accept the leadership of the Communist Party of China, Chinese characteristics unswervingly the socialist road, with strong representation and political participation of non-Party personages team ability.

Xi pointed out that the party's united front work is work, we must pay attention to the party, we work together to do it. The United Front Party committees at all levels should work in an important position, leading cadres at all levels should take the lead in studying and implementing its policies and regulations of the United Front To adhere to the unified leadership of party committees, led by the United Front coordination, the authorities responsible for their own work pattern of the Great United Front, a joint effort. The United Front cadres, the United Front cadres to carry forward the fine style of work, so sincere and humble, equal treatment, integrity , non-Party people really win respect and recognition, unity they struggle together with our party.

Li held talks with Brazilian President stressed that strengthening cooperation in industrial investment to build mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Pakistan upgrade

19 am local time, Brazilian President Rousseff held a grand ceremony at the presidential palace to welcome Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on an official visit to Brazil. After the welcoming ceremony, Li Keqiang and Rousseff talks.

Madam President Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang conveyed the cordial greetings to President Rousseff, and said that China-Pakistan relations in recent years, the rapid development of a comprehensive, strategic and overall rising. China is ready to maintain high-level Pakistani exchanges, deepen political mutual trust and closer cultural exchanges, continue to promote the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Pakistan to achieve greater development.

Li pointed out that China-Pakistan cooperation is of great significance for promoting their own development and improve people's livelihood, safeguard the country's overall development momentum in emerging markets, promote world economic recovery. The two sides signed the investment in production capacity in the framework agreement and cooperation on the basis of mutual benefit and win-win, common development principles and develop industrial and investment cooperation between the two countries plan to build mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Pakistan upgrade. focus on railways, mining, power, equipment manufacturing and other areas of industry, investment and cooperation. railway and other projects to promote the two foreign substance taken steps to carry out clean energy areas of iron ore, agriculture and other industrial chain cooperation, strengthen the oil and gas exploration and exploitation, cooperation petrochemical equipment, ship trade and investment. China supports Chinese enterprises to expand investment in Pakistan, sharing experiences and technologies, encourage their financial institutions, local currency settlement business, to provide the impetus for both sides to deepen cooperation, actively expand cooperation in science and technology and cultural exchanges, culture, education, tourism and youth.

Rousseff visit to Pakistan warmly welcomed Li Keqiang, Li Keqiang will thank first visit to Brazil as Latin America's first stop. Rousseff said that Pakistan-China relations have great development, but also to promote relations and cooperation in the drawing. This visit marks the Pakistan Prime Minister Lee the comprehensive strategic partnership to usher in an important moment. Pakistan is ready to consolidate China's traditional friendship and vigorously carry out the capacity to collaborate on two ocean research and cooperation in railway construction, will be a model for Pakistani cooperation to fight the emerging market countries of cooperation. Pakistan would like to on major international and regional issues to maintain close communication and coordination with China to jointly safeguard the interests of developing countries.

After the talks, Li and Rousseff signed the << People's Republic of China and the Government of the Federal Republic of Brazil 2015-2021 joint action plan >>, and witnessed the signing of 35 bilateral cooperation documents in various fields and the two sides issued the Sino Joint Statement and the Joint Statement Pakistani government on climate change.

Li Keqiang met with reporters and Brazilian President stressed that open up a mutually beneficial cooperation in the new road capacity

After the talks, Li and Rousseff met with reporters.

Li said that China and Pakistan agreed to strengthen capacity and cooperation. China After years of development, in the areas of infrastructure construction, has accumulated rich experience, has the advantage of spare capacity, high equipment cost. Pakistan to carry out production cooperation is conducive to the Brazilian infrastructure to speed up speed, lower costs, improve employment and achieve mutual benefit and win-win. China is ready to establish Pakistan bilateral cooperation capacity mutual funds to provide financial support for bilateral cooperation projects the two sides agreed to continue to expand trade, optimize trade structure, to achieve eugenic gifted out. strengthen financial cooperation and promote cross-border trade settlement currency. China supports Brazil to play a bigger role in international affairs.

Rousseff said that Brazil and China have strengthened mutually beneficial practical cooperation practical needs and a strong will. Pakistan is willing to further deepen areas of mutual energy resources, metallurgy, manufacturing, aerospace, agriculture and other traditional cooperation, focusing on developing infrastructure and capacity cooperation, expand two-way trade and investment, strengthen financial cooperation. The two sides will continue to play a greater role in international and regional affairs.

Total See reporters before, Li Keqiang and attended Rousseff HVDC transmission project video groundbreaking ceremony of Chinese enterprises won the bid construction beautiful hill station. The project line length of over 2000 km from north to south through much of the land in Brazil is China's enterprises In overseas winning first UHV transmission project. Both sides project manager via video connection, remote reporting preparation work. Li Keqiang and Rousseff unveiled jointly laid the foundation stone for the project.

CPPCC National Committee held a biweekly consultative forum on 'Promoting the development of the Yangtze River economic belt wetland' Consultative government

The afternoon of the 19th CPPCC National Committee was held in Beijing biweekly consultative forum on 'Promoting the development of the Yangtze River economic belt wetland' Consultative government, offer advice and suggestions. CPPCC Chairman Yu presided over the meeting.

Members believe that the Yangtze River economic zone covering 11 provinces and cities, population and GDP of more than 40% of the country, is one of the most comprehensive strength of the region, strengthen wetland protection Yangtze River economic belt, it is to implement the central promote the ecological civilization Construction is an important initiative because of the population density, the development of high strength reasons, the Yangtze River economic belt wetland area is facing shrinking, ecosystem degradation, loss of biodiversity, water pollution and other serious problems, wetland Yangtze River economic belt urgent strengthened. The key to solving this problem is to play the leading role of good government, and good use of market mechanisms.

Some members suggested that, first, the strengthening of the Yangtze River economic belt of water environmental protection in an important position, the development of scientific, specific plan, and consider economic development, people's life and ecological protection of the relationship, and consider the middle and lower reaches of rivers and lakes various aspects of the relationship. Second, improve relevant laws and regulations, make specific provisions for ecological protection, ecological compensation and ecological restoration. Third, strict management, the implementation of local accountability, including assessment and accountability system, improve project EIA mechanism. Fourth, prudent promote water ecological restoration projects, especially Poyang Lake, Dongting Lake governance. Fifth, improve the ecological compensation mechanism of water protection, especially protection of ecological compensation mechanism for major projects. Sixth, strengthen publicity and education, extensive wetland science education and enhance people awareness of ecological civilization, starting with me, and actively participate in ecological protection and restoration of wetlands.

[Ecological civilization beautiful Chinese] Yangtze River Delta: ecological construction in exchange Guanghui

Economic development of the Yangtze River Delta to lead the country for many years, at the same time continue to accumulate wealth, and increase investment in ecological construction, a series of ecological restoration projects that this economic growth pole to ecological Highland constantly moving.

Recently, Chaohu Nanba sewage treatment plant put into operation, after co-operating and supporting wetlands, water discharge standard will reach three as part of the ecological protection and restoration project, and now more than 30 villages and towns surrounding Chaohu building such a sewage treatment facilities.

Nearly three years, Anhui invested over 390 million yuan, through the management of the river, along the exit of traditional agriculture, lake shut down the mine, abandoned mine overburden and other measures to improve the lake ecological. After treatment, lake ecological civilization demonstration area is included in the national first ecological civilized demonstration area. Taihu lake provinces of Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, after the 2007 outbreak of algae in Taihu Lake centralized Zhejiang Huzhou South Tai Lake started the fishermen ashore engineering, consolidation of water Food Street, an annual reduction of direct discharge of domestic sewage than 60 million tons. subsequently invest 22.1 billion yuan of funds, implementation of the 'water into Lake Project' and other water environment governance projects.

Jiangsu Province for five consecutive years to arrange two billion yuan each year to guide capital, together with the local finance 10-20% new, earmarked for Taihu Lake Taihu Sanshandao .2000 acres of wetlands to reproduce the mountains, birds fish scene villagers per capita income has doubled.

Currently the water quality of Taihu recent indicators have reached the national objectives and requirements. Shanghai is a strict groundwater management system, vigorously develop ecological agriculture, but also raise the groundwater level test mode with groundwater recharge.

10 years, Shanghai compression 92% of groundwater extraction, groundwater levels rise sharply.

<< State Council issued guidance on accelerating the construction of high-speed broadband networks to promote the network speed drop fee >>

<< State Council recently issued guidance on accelerating the construction of high-speed broadband networks to promote the network speed drop fee >>, proposed to speed up the construction of high-speed broadband networks to promote the network speed drop charges goals and initiatives.

Ministries 'combined' to promote the equipment manufacturing go

Recently, the State Council issued the << guidance on the promotion of international production and equipment manufacturing co >> Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Information Ministry and other departments are synchronized to promote the implementation of related policies.

Promote international cooperation capacity and equipment manufacturing has become a major engine of China's economic development this year - April Equipment Manufacturing overseas investment totaled nearly $ 50 billion, $ 3.15 billion of foreign investment in manufacturing, an increase of 69.4% at present many of the world will of the State and of the capacity and equipment to carry out international cooperation in manufacturing is growing.

<< >> Proposed guidance for iron and steel, nonferrous metals, building materials, railway, power, chemical, textile, automotive, communications, engineering machinery, aerospace, shipbuilding and marine engineering and other 12 industries as the capacity to promote international cooperation and equipment manufacturing key areas and strive to 2020, and focused on the state's basic capacity to establish mechanisms for cooperation, a number of key production cooperation projects made significant progress, the formation of a number of overseas production cooperation demonstration bases.

Beware plagued by heavy rainfall south disasters

Starting from the 18th, the South continued to usher in more heavy rainfall again in parts of floods and geological disasters.

Jiangxi Province suffered the most rainfall in flood season this year, resulting in 142 townships in 16 counties affected. (Aerial pictures) in Ganzhou Nanjing County, due to continuous rain caused the river water level rise, part of the township of farmland were flooded, the local emergency transfer has evacuated nearly people.

Since last night, Guangdong suffered a new round of more storms today, 7:00, Guangdong major weather disaster response do start rainstorm Ⅲ level emergency response, nine counties issued the red rainstorm warning. Today, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Shenzhen Baoan airports have a large area of flight delays, canceled.

In the hard-hit city of Qingyuan Yangshan County, part of the town concentrated rainfall over 400 mm, several villages were flooded, roads are cut off.

Currently, some county Qingyuan City, Guangdong township schools, kindergartens all closed, the department has started relief.

Heavy rain for several days, leading to Guilin Lijiang River water level continued to rise, is expected to peak will arrive this evening (the 20th) 9:00 Yangshuo, when the water level will reach 111 meters, refresh the highest record in four years, where it has emergency preparedness.

According to the Central Meteorological Observatory predicted rain tomorrow, the South continued to strengthen, flash floods and geological disaster risk, is expected to begin on the 21st round of rainfall will tend to weaken.

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Central Government has allocated one hundred billion fund for affordable housing projects

The central government has allocated 2015 towns affordable housing projects 124.3 billion yuan of special funds for rental subsidies for low-income housing for needy families, public rental housing and urban shantytowns.

The Shenzhen Component Index constituent stocks for the first time the number of expansion

Starting today, the number of Shenzhen Component Index constituent stocks expanded from 40 to 500, after adjustment samples shares of the total market capitalization accounted for the Shenzhen Stock Exchange [microblogging] the total market capitalization of listed companies rose from 14.8% to 56%, which is deep Justification refers to the number of shares for the first time sample expansion.

China's hydropower capacity exceeded 300 million kilowatts total

Reporters from the World Assembly was held on hydropower learned that a total installed capacity of hydropower in China has exceeded 300 million kilowatts, accounting for 27% of total global installed capacity, the formation of the whole industry chain integration capabilities, including planning, design, construction and the like.

Innovation Alliance International University was founded

The Ministry of Education and other departments recently set up jointly build Innovation Alliance International University. The platform 'Overseas Chinese University Park incubator accelerator +' mode, to seek innovative talent across the globe, build business cooperation platform.

China to achieve double land routes through Nepal

After the implementation of cross-border relief operations in Nepal, Chinese People's Armed Police Traffic Rescue Battalion 216 hours of struggling to repair, Tibet to Kathmandu Kuala port roads all through the afternoon. Earlier, Zhangmu to Kathmandu's roads have been robbed on. China to Nepal two fully realized through the land route.

WHO technical meeting of the General Assembly convened the Ebola epidemic

On the 19th, is being held in Geneva, Switzerland, the 68th World Health Assembly meeting Ebola technology. World Health Organization, the worst-hit country in West Africa with the aid of the epidemic representatives reviewed the Ebola epidemic prevention and control process and lessons learned, and China's assistance to the West African contribution to the fight against SARS is to be commended.

WHO Director-General Margaret Chan said at the meeting, the fight against the Ebola epidemic interim progress had been made, she urged the parties to redouble their efforts to prevent the virus from making a comeback.

Among infected countries in West Africa, Liberia was the first to announce the end of this month on the 9th Ebola Liberia Minister of Health and Social Welfare 格韦尼盖尔 day of the meeting, said the initial outbreak, due to lack of adequate training and understanding , many health workers have lost their lives, but China and other external support to Liberia great help.

Guinea Health Minister Rama also the first time for China to help treat and track suspected cases, and provide logistical support to express my sincere thanks.

The representative of China at the meeting that China and Africa are a common destiny, the Chinese medical staff will continue to strengthen China-Africa cooperation, enhance Africa's capacity to respond to public health emergencies.

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