Ought not use "Alipay Builder" fraud

Published: 19:44:00 2015/5/20 19:44:00  Views: 1069

Legal Network News reporter Ma Yan correspondent labor Qiuyan May 20, Nanning City Xingning District Court held a public hearing and the court sentenced the young men together using the 'Alipay Builder' software cheat Taobao sellers for delivery in criminal cases .

Software in January 2015, Dumou online purchase a product called 'Alipay Builder' and the 10 QQ number, QQ number searches use to buy mobile phones to sell QQ group, Taobao mobile phone seller within the group for the crime target In the same year on January 29, the victim Liang Dumou learned after the sale of mobile phones on the Internet, by copying cloned QQ number, QQ friends posing as the victim, on behalf of the victims of their QQ friends cousin iphone6 Plus to buy a mobile phone. Dumou Use pre-purchased 'Alipay Builder', creating the illusion of the purchase price has been paid through PayPal, and QQ screenshot sent to the victim at the victim believed, would one iphone6 Plus phone via express mail to Dumou.

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