Hong Kong's Wong Tai Sin District Council by supporting the government proposed changes

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Hong Kong's Wong Tai Sin District Council chief executive by universal suffrage in 2017 to achieve the government proposed changes to support appeal

China news agency, Hong Kong, May 20 - HKSAR Wong Tai Sin District Council on the 19th through the support of the government proposed changes, called on all Members of the SAR Legislative Council by universal suffrage vote programs to achieve 2017 5,000,000 eligible voters, 'one person one vote' universal suffrage Sir, let forward Hong Kong's constitutional development.

SAR government last month raised the second round of political reform, Yuen Long, Tuen Mun, Kwun Tong, Wan Chai, Southern District District Councils have expressed support through the constitutional package. Political reform entered a critical moment, the Wong Tai Sin District Council 19 day meeting, district board members also discussed by the Chief Executive for implementing universal suffrage motion. motion by the district board members Jane Zhihao proposed and agreed to the other 17 district board members concurred and signatories support.

Jane Zhihao said that the SAR Chief Executive election program announced by the Government in line with the Basic Law and the NPC Standing Committee and Hong Kong's actual situation, to help solve Hong Kong's political disputes in recent years to promote the future development of economic and other livelihood issues, to help the long-term development of Hong Kong and interests(http://www.fireinews.com/).

Jane Zhihao called on all members of the Legislative Council by universal suffrage in motion voted scheme for Hong Kong five million eligible voters can 'man, one vote' election chief executive in 2017, he said, 'something is better than no election was selected, five million people election than 1200 members selected Constitutional Constitutional forward than standing still good. '

Vice-Chairman of the Wong Tai Sin District Council Wong Kam super finger, although the reform package may not meet all expectations, but many people want political reform through, hope that the Legislative Council should take the public welfare in mind, according to public opinion stand. (End)

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