[The company] Zhe 150 million shares to be purchased 0.3% stake in Focus Media

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Panorama Network May 20 hearing Zhe shares (002,346 on Wednesday night announcement, the company 150 million yuan to buy sub numerous media Technology (Shanghai Co., Ltd. 0.33% stake in the company was April 29, 2015 and Giovanna Investment Hong Kong Limited signed a share transfer agreement.

Zhe in shares, said many of the media sub Technology (Shanghai Co., Ltd. of China's leading digital media companies, with strong strength and resources and outstanding profitability, and recently committed itself as the leading LBS platform and O2O platform, has a very good prospects for development. As of December 31, 2014, Focus Media [microblogging] audited total assets of 8.917 billion yuan, net assets of 5.751 billion yuan, Focus Media FY2014 total revenue of 7.497 billion yuan, net profit of 24.17 billion.

Zhe in shares, he said the investment focus media can bring to the company a good return on investment, in the interest of all shareholders in the larger environment of the digital age, Focus Media has a good foundation for the industry, good profitability and broad space for development . (Panorama Network

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