Nanchang, Jiangxi stormed a bus enclosure subway construction accident five people were injured

Published: 20:04:00 2015/5/20 20:04:00  Views: 4024

BEIJING, Nanchang May 20 (Reporter Liu Zhankun) May 20 afternoon, Nanchang in Jiangxi five units a bus ride special vehicle, due to avoid less rushed into the subway under construction Wai file, the accident caused passengers 3 people, subway construction workers and two injured.

According to an official briefing in Nanchang, in the afternoon around 17:20, a special unit of the bus ride five people on board, traveling from east to west to Beijing East Road Bridge Station Peng wind pavilion at the 3rd, because the avoidance of a car, driver disposed of improperly, causing the vehicle to break through the enclosure subway construction, accidents.

According to reports, the accident caused three people passengers, subway construction workers and two injured, then was rushed to a nearby hospital observation and treatment, not life-threatening.

As of 19:30 at night, there are four injured harmless discharge cause of the accident is under further investigation. (End) Fire News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.