New media: Guangdong rainstorm caused 186 flight cancellations next day after thunderstorms will continue

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Reference News Network May 20 reported that the new media that effect by the Huanan Jiang thunderstorms, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport massive flight delays and cancellations, the authorities started a large area of flight delays orange warning, forcing full of passengers in the airport.

According to Singapore << Lianhe Zaobao >> Website May 20 news report quoted the Star Island, Baiyun Airport continues to receive thunderstorm warning, affected by the weather, airport flight delays start in the morning start to appear. Baiyun Airport at 10:00 started a large area of flight delays blue warning to 12:13 orange alert was raised.

To 12:13, Baiyun Airport flights delayed more than one hour to reach more than 90 classes. Airport proxy flights arrange accommodation for about 1,400 passengers, catering in the terminal 39 classes.

As of 14:00, 105 flights were delayed more than one hour class, 186 class outbound flights were canceled and 157 flights canceled class immigrants, fell 8 flights a prepared field(

Authorities predicted that the next two days, heavy rain to most parts of Guangdong, heavy rain will affect the flight route and lift.

[An extension of reading] Fujian Liancheng County torrential rain raid crops were severely damaged New media: Guangdong rainstorm caused 186 flight cancellations next day after thunderstorms will continue The picture shows the village houses flooded. Chen Xing analysis Photo New media: Guangdong rainstorm caused 186 flight cancellations next day after thunderstorms will continue The picture shows the flood(News News Chen Xing analysis Photo New media: Guangdong rainstorm caused 186 flight cancellations next day after thunderstorms will continue Pictured farmland were destroyed. Chen Xing analysis Photo

BEIJING, May 20 Liancheng Power (Chan Hing analysis) May 19, Fujian Liancheng County pond before the township suffered heavy rainfall, geological disasters, meteorological Risk Warning Level 3 heavy rain continued over three hours, rainfall, rain anxious, pond former rural crops, houses suffered serious losses, the direct economic loss of 965,000 yuan.

Among them, 800 acres of farmland were destroyed, resulting in 500 acres of tobacco crops, water 94 houses collapsed 11. Fish pond, duck, mushroom shed, buffalo subject to varying degrees destroyed.

Pond before the township government quickly launched an emergency flood emergency plan, immediately organized a fire, flood, civil affairs and other relevant personnel immediately put into the flood. Baocungongzuo team led by each village committee cadres to increase inspection efforts, do the preventive work. (End )

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[An extension of reading] Shaoguan release the red rainstorm warning some schools suspended

New media: Guangdong rainstorm caused 186 flight cancellations next day after thunderstorms will continue

The picture shows the village has become immersed ocean flooding. Yan Xinyang photo

China news agency, Shaoguan, May 20 (Reporter Li Ling) - From the time at 20:00 on the 19th to 20th November, Shaoguan Heavy heavy rain, according to the city's three office statistics, as at 11:00 on the 20th, the city has 27 towns were affected, 61 houses collapsed between 1 people were killed.

Shaoguan City office of three, he said, affected by heavy rainfall since the evening of 19, waterlogging Shaoguan and more, the city's population of 1927 people transferred.

Rainstorm all night, the city Ruyuan, Qujiang, Wengyuan were issued red rainstorm warning signal, three counties in the primary and secondary schools have been declared closed throughout the day. In addition, thirteen Shaoguan, Tin Ka Ping Primary School sand pear and some other low-lying primary school, but also because of the way to school or part of the water is too deep water on campus, announced closed.

Shaoguan city waterlogging remains the most serious flooding in times of heavy rain certainty River Industrial Road, the reporter went to the industrial sections of the morning, to the halfway line, in front of the traffic has been interrupted, even though the city's municipal workers on the night drainage, but the industrial road several kilometers long along the main road in the rain Hunhuang still completely submerged.

The two towns most affected Qujiang District Luokeng, camphor City, which recorded the largest Luo Kengzhen 247.2 mm of rainfall. Heavy rain led to Luokeng Zhang city sections of roads were flooded, partially collapsed road surface, causing traffic disruption. Reporters learned from the Qujiang District Government, the current engineering and technical personnel has been to the scene to understand the situation and landslides damaged by flood disaster, the flood of machinery and equipment also has reached the affected site repair.

Zhang town has become a larger part of the 'water city.' Reporters tried to enter the town, but the main street was about one meter depth, the vehicle can not move forward. From afar, the depths of the water, a few stops at roadside Car Wheels have been flooded, only the exposed portion of the window above. Local people said the government and the nearby town Zhang teacher downstairs courtyard, there are many vehicles were soaked in the rain.

Local meteorological department expects the 20th day to night, the northern Shaoguan still heavy rain, local heavy rain in central and southern heavy rain to heavy rain, local heavy rainfall. The city major weather disaster emergency headquarters has started heavy rains three emergency response, reminding all levels government departments and the public to do defense work and heavy rain caused waterlogging urban and rural areas, local flash floods, landslides and other disasters. (End)

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[An extension of reading] Guangxi strong rainstorm caused 23 flights delayed Passenger Train

BEIJING, May 20, Nanning power (Zhongjian Shan) reporter on the 20th from Nanning Railway Bureau was informed by the new round of heavy rain process affect Guangxi railway transport longer affected. As at 13:00 on the 20th, heavy rain has caused 23 times passenger train delays.

According to reports, the 19th since heavy rains in Northern Guangxi region, Guangxi train trip leading to longer affected. According to the railway department statistics, as of now, the current round of heavy rain has caused the Nanning-Kunming line, Zhan Yi, Li Zhan line totaling 23 times passenger train delays, which NANKUN 12 times, 8 times Zhan Yi, Li Zhan line three times.

Guangxi Meteorological Observatory at 9:00 on May 19 released a new round of heavy rain yellow warning: May 19 to 20, Guangxi, most with heavy rain in some areas northeast of Guangxi and other places where there is heavy rain, rainfall reached 100 ~ 140 mm.

Because of this a long time rainfall, rainfall, rainfall region with heavy rain in Guangxi region since the 15th superimposed slope collapse occurred, likely mudslides, landslides and other disasters.

China Railway Corporation flood control office May 19 8 nowadays storm warning notice issued << >>, and at 15:00 the same day the Guangxi line, the Guizhou-Guangxi line, Jiaoliu line, the Nanning-Kunming line, Zhan Yi, Guizhou-Guangdong-off special flood control grade Liu Heng line, Liunan passenger dedicated railway and other key South Canton line was increased from grade Ⅳ Ⅲ level emergency response.

Nanning Railway Bureau vehicles, machines, labor, electricity, vehicles of various departments from the normal operating mode into emergency preparedness mode, perform three rainfall alert way, driving means bad disaster monitoring system alarm emergency lane approaches and the weather.

At present, Nanning Railway Bureau to strengthen emergency preparedness rainstorm, arrange rainfall members on duty 24 hours a day to monitor rainfall, strengthen flood control and monitoring of key sections of the examination. And on the bus increases the flood control food materials to ensure adequate supply train.

Nanning Railway Bureau reminded continuing heavy rains may cause new delays at any time, the majority of passenger rail travel information should always pay attention to timely adjust travel plans to avoid delays in travel. (End)

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[An extension of reading] wind sleet hail storms and other extreme weather Sarkozy hit Gansu

China news agency, Lanzhou, May 20 (Reporter Feng Zhijun) - Winds, dust storms, rain, snow, cool, hail ...... since May 19 in the evening, something winds of about 1,600 km from west to east Gansu, the weather was more invasive. By This effect occurs most significant of ten degrees Celsius significant cooling of the province and more, 'weather Shuffle' retest people dress choice.

Reporters on the 20th from the Gansu Provincial Meteorological department, May 19 20 am, located in the western end of the Hexi Corridor in Gansu Guazhou County sandstorm weather process, local transient clouds of dust, the sky was dim, the people in outdoor activities is ' drive 'home. to 20 in the morning, local Heavy rain, which is very beneficial for purifying the air.

Affected by cold air, high altitude and the Hexi Corridor in Gansu natural boundaries Wushaoling the 20th time since the beginning of summer this year, the strongest rain and snow. About 200 kilometers from Lanzhou Here Lianhuo speed necessary land, as of the 20th 11:00, local rainfall of 10.6 mm, snow depth of 3 cm, the minimum temperature -0.3 ℃, the current snowfall continues.

20 noon in Lanzhou, capital of Gansu Province were drooping clouded, as if the evening as indoor lighting is dim, the big, small when accompanied by rain in recent days continued was 'air pollution' caused people 'breathing difficulties' eased before still a few days more than 30 ℃ 'high temperature' is also in the rain suddenly dropped within 20 ℃, 'dressing the problem' so local people reoccurrence tangle.

Meteorological department said, the 20th to the 21st, from west to east Gansu obvious precipitation process, local heavy rain will now need to strengthen prevention of heavy rainfall possible geological disasters caused by flooding of small rivers and flash floods, landslides and other Affected , the temperature dropped significantly throughout the province, people need to add warm clothing. (End)

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[An extension of reading] China Southern and more heavy rains were heavy rains in Guangdong local (map)

New media: Guangdong rainstorm caused 186 flight cancellations next day after thunderstorms will continue

May 19 afternoon, the Guangdong Shaoguan again suffered torrential rains, urban multiple sections instantly flooded. Shaoguan Municipal People's Government of flood and drought headquarters wind (three office the same evening issued a 'start flood control Ⅲ level emergency response' emergency notification, meteorological department also issued orange rainstorm warning. The picture shows the storm continued two hours, Shaoguan city has changed 'water city.' Chen Huixian Photo

New media: Guangdong rainstorm caused 186 flight cancellations next day after thunderstorms will continue

The picture shows the May 19, leading to the Fujian Ninghua road Ganzhou, Jiangxi Shicheng beads Kengxiang Tong Taiwan Village landslides. 陈小强 Photo

Video: storm caused many victims Ganzhou caused houses to collapse three children were killed Source: China News Network

BEIJING, May 20 Xinhua news in recent days, China Southern and more heavy monsoon rains, the Central Meteorological Observatory bursts of yellow warning two days. The heavy rainfall has resulted in 11 provinces of Guangdong, Guangxi and Guizhou, Yunnan and other 297.5 million disaster, 20 people were killed missing. Experts said that the future will emerge more southern South China continued strong rains.

Southern region is now continued heavy rainfall has caused 20 deaths missing

May 13 date, China southern persistent strong rains, which Jianghan, JAC, southern North Central, South Central and Northern and other more heavy rain, Hunan, Guangxi part hydrological stations appear over the warning level.

As of May 18 statistics, the heavy rainfall has resulted in 11 provinces of Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangxi, Hubei, Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Chongqing, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan and other 297.5 million people were affected, 15 people were killed and five others missing , evacuated 3.8 million people, 3.5 million people need emergency life assistance.

Central Meteorological Observatory 19 blue rainstorm warning evening will upgrade yellow, at the same time, enhance the China Meteorological Administration major meteorological disasters (storm) grade Ⅳ Ⅲ level emergency response to this point, the current round of large-scale heavy precipitation south officially upgraded.

Jiangxi, Fujian, Guangdong and other provinces devastated start emergency response

Jiangxi storm has lasted for many days, rivers than the warning level. Torrential rain and landslides and other disasters have led to the province seven people died. Flood Control Working Group National Headquarters sent on 19 to guide flood control work in Jiangxi. Jiangxi Flood Control Drought Relief Headquarters 20, 2007, the province's largest river in the Gan River tributary Meichuan Jiang suffered 50-year flood. flood peak water level of 134.5 meters, 4.5 meters higher than the warning level, or up to 8.26 m, listed since records first.

19 evening, by up to 4 hours thunderstorm weather, Guizhou Guiyang airport was temporarily shut down a large area of flight delays, involving more than 6,000 passengers.

Statistics Liuzhou, Guangxi Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters Office on the 20th provided the display, on the 19th night, Liuzhou total of 76 towns (regions) experienced heavy rain or torrential rains most affected of Rongshui county many serious waterlogging part of the traffic lights. Liuzhou damaged due to heavy rainfall, leading to traffic gridlock intersection.

Fujian Sanming the 18th to the 19th at night heavy rain to heavy rain, many county roads stagnant water, some of the low-lying flood shop store is also an overflowing due to heavy rains, Sanming city and Ninghua, clean, etc. County flooded into the swamps, ten thousand people affected by the floods, some county closed. It is reported that Fujian power grid 67 10 kV line outage, power more than 110,000 users, the power sector is carried out in an orderly repair.

The new round of heavy rain the night from May 19 raid Guangdong Shaoguan, Qingyuan, Heyuan and Shanwei City has appeared heavy rain storm rainfall. According to the monitoring, at 8:00 on the 19th to at 6:00 on the 20th, Guangdong province a total of eight stations was recorded more than 250 millimeters of rainfall, there were in Haifeng and Lufeng currently in Guangdong Yingde, Qujiang, sourced, Wengyuan, Heyuan, Lufeng, Haifeng, inland river, the benefits to the other nine cities and counties have been published the red rainstorm warning signal to start the closed mechanism Guangdong Province, a major meteorological disaster emergency office has launched meteorological disasters (storm) Ⅲ level emergency response, Guangzhou has also been released yellow rainstorm warning signal.

Today and tomorrow there is still a large rainstorm in Guangdong local heavy rains

Weather experts said, China will emerge more southern South China continued heavy rains in the future.

According to the latest Central Meteorological Station weather forecast, is expected at 14:00 on May 20 to 21, 14, SE Yunnan, southwestern Guizhou, southern Hunan, Jiangxi, southern, central and southern Fujian, Guangxi in the south and east, most Guangdong, Taiwan some of these other places with heavy rain or heavy rain in some areas, which, northeast of Guangxi, Guangdong, eastern, southern Jiangxi, Fujian and other places in the southwest of heavy rain, the north central region of Guangdong local heavy rains (250 to 260 mm). Region hour rain intensity of 30 to 50 mm, the local up to 60 to 80 mm and accompanied by thunderstorm winds. In addition, southeastern Gansu, western Sichuan and other places have heavy rain.

Central Meteorological Observatory issued guidelines defense, suggested that the Government and relevant departments in accordance with emergency work duties do defense rainstorm cut danger zone outdoor power, suspend outdoor operations, good drainage cities, farmland, may lead to the prevention of flash floods, landslides, mudslides and other disasters. (End)

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