STCN Interpretation: Thailand and Asia Shares: Recombinant unaffected litigation involving product revenue accounted for 6% of revenue Kai British network

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Recently, Shanda [microblogging] Report Kai British network, noted that the alleged false statements in the trading scheme backdoor shares in Thailand and Asia, affected by this news, shares in Thailand and Asia on Tuesday afternoon limit and to this suspension. Thailand and Asia shares May 20 to clarify the announcement released late, for the current Kai British network backdoor case of fire Ares << >>, << >> slaying the dragon legend dispute involving the rights issue, the announcement noted that the current restructuring plan has been disclosed not misleading investment those circumstances.

For the above two games, Thailand and Asia shares, said it expects revenue generated on platform, Kai British network only 4.4% in 2015 full-year revenue, Shanda said it would add a strong defenders of 8 games Total revenue during the year, will account for 5.7 percent Kai Ying network in 2015 full-year revenue.

Reporters noted that the current main Kai British network of mobile Internet platform, network game development operations of two businesses which have online platform,, and mobile Internet applications distribution platform XY Apple mobile Internet platform assistant (2014 In the second half of the number of months covered after PP assistant, the online game business more recently born miracle >> << national monthly water more than 266 million yuan this explosion models.

Thailand and Asia shares noted, own Kai British network operators (including the core values of intermodal revenue web game operating platform that business users, scale and brand value after a large number of online gaming users precipitate formed, together with a strong Kai British network operational capacity, continue to provide quality and efficient services for the internet user operations that constitute the entire (including the continued viability and profitability of intermodal revenue web game operating platform.

Meanwhile, the company said it had already in asset restructuring plan >> << conducted a prompt action to bring the game to the risk, there is no suspicion of a serious case of misleading investors. And Kai Wang Yue Ying network actual controller has issued a written commitment If an adverse effect on the fire Ares << >>, << >> legendary slaying the dragon's lawsuit against the company's revenue, will be unconditional full compensation or full responsibility.

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