Town Ming Investment: EIA data comes, ready?

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Town Ming precious metals expert pointed Leidan

Many governments are planning to launch more relaxed in the next regulatory and tax policy measures to the oil companies to offset the negative impact of oil prices on the industry, a move that could lead to crude oil production can be maintained at a high level, after oil prices face further downward pressure on crude oil fell below short-term triangular arrangement, face downward pressure, mainly at high altitude! 59 may rebound near empty, can not break the vicinity of 58 short, on the contrary chasing empty. Fundamentals Follow 22:30 US EIA data.

1 hour chart

Town Ming Investment: EIA data comes, ready?

Shanghai Guiyin Evening suggestions:

1,3300 to do more objective look at 3350 stop 3280

2,3380 cloth empty goal to see Stop 3400 3300

Shanghai copper evening your suggestions:

1,38180 short stop 38280 target 37860

2,37860 do more to stop 37760 target 38180

Southeast oil Evening suggestions:

1,351 to do more to stop the target 357 348

2,356 short of the target 351 stop 358

The above recommendations are for reference, the investment need to be cautious(

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The above recommendations are for reference, the investment need to be cautious. <<<

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