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Published: 20:05:03 2015/5/20 20:05:03  Views: 1127

Global Forex May 20 hearing - the famous DailyFX Forex website on Wednesday (May 20) intraday technical column in the Australian dollar, spot gold and Brent crude were the latest technical analysis.


Australian dollar / US dollar exchange rate continued to decline yesterday, recorded the largest single-day decline since three weeks. If the income is less than 50% retracement of 0.7872, is expected to see further under the 61.8% retracement of 0.7773. On the contrary, if the exchange rate rose to 38 percent return withdrawal position 0.7922 level, or to further the exploration of 23.6% retracement of the May 11 high of 0.8014 level.

Strategy: From a risk-reward ratio, not chasing empty lack of clear signal, the proposed temporary fence short too early...

Spot gold

Since the price of gold was recorded its biggest one-day drop in three weeks, below the support 1193.38 (23.6% retracement) if broken, we will move towards 1169(http://www(Finance News (38.2% retracement & March 31 low). If the gold price is higher than 1208.22 (14.6% retracement), can Outlook May 18 high of 1232.20.

Brent crude oil

Oil prices continued to fall, to return to below $ 65. If crude oil continues to decline to 63.83 (23.6% retracement), is likely to further test a low 60.27 (38.2% retracement). If you close at 66.03 (14.6% retracement) above , targeting 67.78.

Global foreign exchange market center display, 18:27 GMT, the Australian dollar / US dollar reported 0.7890 / 94, spot gold $ 1,205.67 / ounce, Brent crude oil reported $ 64.68 / barrel.
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