Extensive work planned enrollment of 9,700 this year, more than 90 percent of students from Guangdong

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Guangdong every six one candidates in a wide work

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Li Jing reports: Reporters recently learned from the Guangdong University of Technology, undergraduate enrollment plan for the school year 9700, of whom more than 90 percent of students from Guangdong Guangdong Province as the first batch of enrollment in the largest number of schools, if the press. Last year's enrollment plan calculations, Guangdong approximately every six students in there on a one in extension work.

Last year, the Guangdong University Colleges overall promoted to a school official said, after a year of extensive work to upgrade a lot to promote the role of school development, the most direct expression is to improve students is reported that in 2013, the school also There is no part of the professional admissions in the first batch of students admission is relatively low. And since last year as a whole after the first batch of enrollment, a school enrollment rate reached 8.1%(http://www.fireinews.com/).

As admissions large, extensive work has been a year of admission much of our attention, but the vice president of Guangdong University Zhang Yun said in an interview when he said, school admission and enrollment lines actually closely related. 'For example, someone recruit 3,000 people, we also recruit 3,000 people, in fact, our line is far higher than they admit, and provinces such as some sort of school in Guangdong Province only recruit a hundred people, took their score line and we recruit 10,000 people compared to the score line, nor a comparable sex. '

It is reported that Guangdong University currently has a total of 19 colleges, four public courses teaching department (center), five post-doctoral research stations, five disciplines doctorate authorization points, 27 secondary discipline Doctorate programs, seven subjects professor assessment right, three provincial-level key disciplines climbers disciplines, seven provincial-level key disciplines advantage disciplines, 5 provincial key disciplines two disciplines characteristics, there is Master of Engineering (17 areas), Master of Business Administration Master of Engineering Management degree-granting three professions, but also has to apply for master's degree equivalent staff.

Reporters learned that this year the school has 75 undergraduate majors, from 2014 onwards, all undergraduate colleges and universities in Guangdong Province were the first batch of undergraduate admission batch enrollment. Among them, machinery, information, materials, chemical four disciplines Guangdong Province, the '211 Project' key construction disciplines III Editor: Wu Jiahong

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