Henan, a contribution of nearly 4,000 colleges and universities graduate more than a decade in Dongguan

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Yangcheng Evening News reporter Yu Xiaoling reported: 'As of now, Nanyang Institute of Technology alumni in Dongguan, about nearly 4,000 people in recent years, more than 200 graduates every year come.' Nanyang Polytechnic Second Alumni Entrepreneurship Forum recently Dongguan held, according to the relevant staff Dongguan Nanyang Polytechnic Alumni Association briefed reporters about the Nanyang Polytechnic from 1998 to Dongguan, a succession of graduate employment, after ten years of development, the school graduates in Dongguan has nearly four thousand.

According to the reporter, Nanyang Polytechnic is located in Nanyang City, Henan Province in engineering a so mainly with engineering, management, regular undergraduate institutions arts, science, law, medicine, economics, education and other subjects. Schools predecessor was founded in 1987 Nanyang University, 1993 formally approved by the State Board of Education school, known as the Nanyang Polytechnic, 2004 by the Ministry of Education approved, upgraded to a university school set up to teach college section 19, 54 undergraduate majors, in general this school college students and more than 20,000 students.

To build interoperability between alumni platform for alumni hold together for development and create opportunities for the alumni companies, last year, the first session of Nanyang Institute of Technology Alumni Entrepreneurship Forum held in Shenzhen, Dongguan, moved this year(http://www.fireinews.com/). 'There are nearly 4,000 people in Dongguan alumni, These alumni about Sancheng own business forums there is a purpose, wisdom and experience to share entrepreneurial alumni entrepreneurs, boost enterprise restructuring and development of the alumni. 'Staff Nanyang Polytechnic Alumni Association of Dongguan, briefed reporters in Dongguan alumni Qicheng major enterprises in Dongguan office, Alumni Association will help introduce the work of graduates from the employment situation in recent years, graduates of the initial monthly salary of 3,500 general. 'and the development of the central province of Henan, make graduates more selective in recent years to Dongguan had decreased compared to the number of graduates, we also hope to further enhance the company in Dongguan in salaries, working conditions, so as to enhance the attractiveness of graduates . '

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