CSI Interpretation: and seven stock funds involved in facing the seizure of bank accounts risks

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Zhongzheng Wang hearing the evening of 20 May, the cases and seven shares (000007 announcement that day PSB Spring Hill Branch policemen to investigate and collect evidence of the company Xuzhou city police in the investigation, and seven shares of China Everbright Bank, Shenzhen seaside Branch Account funds between subsection 26 January 2015, there are 49 million yuan involved, according to policemen introduction, there is the possibility of seizure of the company accounts.

And seven shares, said the company finance department with the public security organs verify, submit to the policemen the following materials: Everbright Bank [microblogging] seaside Branch funds between accounts section of Shenzhen, Shenzhen-generation involved hou Wei Trading Company repaid US 2500 ten thousand yuan down payment voucher, issued on behalf of the people involved Houmou a proof of payment.

In fact, this year and seven shares of bank accounts has repeatedly appeared storm. Prior to this, the Board of Directors and seven shares disclosed in the March 27, 2015 the << About Company stolen in China Everbright Bank, Shenzhen Branch to open a bank branch in Mizukai Announcement account the situation >>, followed by Shenzhen Securities convey instructions to the company, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange [microblogging] management of the company served a letter of concern to the company, require the company said were stolen as well as a check to open an account unrecovered such matters specific reasons for verification.

February 26, 2015, and seven shares found in China Everbright Bank, Shenzhen Branch Mizukai Branch stolen to open a bank account, account time is February 9, 2015, to buy a book (25 check to open an account when account, The company also required relevant certificates former legal representative, chairman Wei practice fly actual control among the company has not been handed over.

Moreover, and seven shares also announced, the company's financial officer on May 7 found that the company had three bank accounts because the dispute was Luohu District People's Court to freeze, May 12 staff also found many properties the company was closed down, seizure period 2015 4 30 - April 29, 2018.

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