Days Wal-technology secretaries resigned chairman Gao standard performance of their duties on behalf of Great Ideals temporarily

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China Economic Net Shenzhen May 20 hearing the Shenzhen Stock Exchange [microblogging] listed companies Wolfowitz Technology Co., Ltd. Suzhou days (days Wo technology, 002,564 today released late bulletin board secretary to resign. According to the announcement, the day Wolfowitz Technology secretaries Recently Gao standard please speech, but still he served as deputy general manager of Technology fertile days.

Days Waugh Technology, said Gao standard was due to personal reasons, resigned from the board to apply for the post of Secretary. After days of fertile Board decided to study science and technology, agreed to resign from the board secretary Gao standard office applications, after the resignation of high standard remains as deputy general manager Yu.

Chinese economic Internet City company personnel library statistics, according to the provisions of the Companies Act << >>, << articles of association >> and other relevant laws and regulations, Gao subject resignation from the board of directors served on the date of entry into force( Days fertile Technologies said in Secretary of the Board during the vacancy temporarily by the chairman and general manager duties Great Ideals acting Secretary of the Board, assisted by the director Zhang Jian. Days Wal-technology will be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the appointment of a new Secretary of the Board as soon as possible.

Personnel resume

Gao standard, male, Chinese nationality, born in 1971, Master of Economics, economist, lawyer qualification certificate holders, securities qualification certificate, Board Secretary credentials. Worked as a teacher in Jiangsu Institute of Petrochemical Technology, in SW [micro Bo] Securities Co., the investment banking division of work in 2003 - 2008 as Suzhou Good-Ark Electronics Co., Ltd(Finance News Secretary of the Board in April 2009 serving secretary-day Wolfowitz Technology Board.
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