Japanese media: A Japanese was arrested on suspicion of drug smuggling from China

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Reference News Network May 20 reported that Japanese media said, on suspicion of violating << >> Drug Control Act, drugs smuggling from China, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Organized Crime Countermeasures Division have arrested five who lives in Tokyo Musashino City Kichijoji Honcho aroma Therapists Horiguchi Takuya.

Japan's Kyodo News reported May 20, according to the Metropolitan Police, said Horiguchi aromatic massage parlors operate in their own homes, stores may use drugs.

Horiguchi in late April allegedly ordered a vial containing GHB (4- hydroxy acid liquid from China, (EMS shipped to Japan via Taiwan. Horiguchi said the suspect has denied through international courier, saying that 'indeed ordered a stimulant, but I did not think it contains a drug. '

Metropolitan Police Department in early May after Tokyo Customs receive the message, the 18th embodiment of Horiguchi home searched, seized 143 bottles of essential oils and pills 2 boxes and other items, and Horiguchi arrest(http://www.fireinews.com/).

[An extension of reading] Japanese media: A Japanese man convicted of drug smuggling Chinese court sentenced to death

Reference News Network December 25 Japanese media reported that according to sources revealed on the 25th, the Court of Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, China on December 16 to transport for sale for the purpose of illicit drugs on the grounds that a Japanese man (45 year-old sentenced to death allegedly the man would appeal.

According to Japan's Kyodo News reported on December 25 that the man in the spring of 2013, was arrested for possession of methamphetamine, was charged with drug smuggling after.

The man was charged as including several expatriates, including a participation in a criminal gang.

Reported that in China, there are four Japanese in 2010 because of drug smuggling, was executed in July this year, a 50-year-old Japanese man was involved in drug smuggling, was executed.

Japanese media: A Japanese was arrested on suspicion of drug smuggling from China

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Picture June 11, 2014, Zhejiang police successfully destroyed a drug gang(News News http://www.fireinews.com/). The picture shows the police inventory of drugs. Xinhua News Agency (Zhang original photo

(2014-12-25 11:41:00

[An extension of reading] Korean media: drug smuggling in China arrested 12 South Koreans were released on bail

Reference News Network January 23 Korean media reported that South Korea's foreign ministry about the person 23 told reporters in December 2014 on suspicion of smuggling drugs and Baiyun Airport in Guangzhou, China detained the 14 Korean citizens, 12 people He was allowed bail.

According to Yonhap reported on January 23, the source said, China 23 pm sent notice that 12 of them were allowed bail. He also said that South Korea believes the Chinese in dealing with this case relatively quickly, as the bail criteria, as China did not make a specific description, so uncertain. According to South Korean Foreign Ministry reports, may not meet with his family in China during the general suspects XingJu, but if released on bail, although there will be restrictions residence, but you can meet freely with their families.

Reported that on December 28 last year, 14 South Korean citizens in preparation for leaving the Baiyun Airport in Guangzhou, China, on suspicion of smuggling drugs (possession of drugs abroad and Detention Chinese judicial authorities. This is 14 people to stay in Guangdong, Hong Kong, South Korea citizen, is a baseball club membership, then travel to Australia to attend a baseball game being the total amount of the drug to carry more than 20 kg.

It is reported that these people said was commissioned by the Australian side by Korean staff members and carrying a package, do not know which is equipped with drugs.

Japanese media: A Japanese was arrested on suspicion of drug smuggling from China

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Profile picture: August 4, 2014, Heyuan City, Guangdong Province, the police, to the news media briefing, the city Police Detachment patrol unit on the 3rd joint source Dongpu City Public Security Bureau police successfully destroyed a car located in the converted bus shelter or other drug abuse, prostitution dens, the scene and arrested Jurisprudence drug-related staff nine people and seized a number of drugs and drug use tool batch.

(2015-01-23 20:31:00

[An extension of reading] Philippine maid to be executed in Indonesia for drug smuggling has been pleading Aquino

China news agency, Manila, April 26 - (Reporter Zhang Filipino maid Mary Jane Veloso drug smuggling and the Indonesian court sentenced to death, allegedly execution date has been determined that the Philippine presidential palace said on that day, will continue to work hard to save Veloso's life.

This year 30-year-old Veloso was found in 2010 in Indonesia from Yogyakarta airport baggage 2.6 kilograms of heroin, the court sentenced to death in Indonesia. But Veloso has always claimed innocence, arguing that she was deceived helping a friend carry portable Philippines boxes, for possession of drugs inside the box and know. Philippine President Aquino had several wrote to the Indonesian president Djoko requesting Indonesia Veloso spared.

Veloso's sister, Mary, 25, said Ortiz, Veloso called to say the same day, in the afternoon after she met the family, including two sons was informed that her execution date was set at April 28 .

Philippine Foreign Ministry earlier confirmed Charles Jose Veloso's family has received notification of execution, but the notice did not indicate a specific date and time.

Jose said that Indonesia will be within 72 hours prior to the execution of death row inmates notify the relevant foreign embassies, but as of now, the Philippine Embassy in Indonesia has not yet received notification of execution.

When the Philippine presidential Minister of the day to accept the Koroma government radio interview that the Philippine government will continue to focus Veloso's fate, and do everything we can to help save her life.

26th ASEAN Summit April 26 to 27 will be held in Malaysia. Koroma said that if the opportunity Philippine President Corazon Aquino at the summit talks with Indonesian president Djoko, Veloso's case will be a priority issue One.

If Veloso was eventually executed, she would be the last 20 years were put to death in the first Filipino Southeast Asian countries. In 1995, the Filipino maid Flor · hole Terme Placido Dion was executed for murder in Singapore , has caused uproar in the Philippines between the two countries, resulting in the two countries were recalled its ambassador.

Philippine Foreign Ministry sources suggest, including Veloso, there are now a total of 41 Filipinos were sentenced to death abroad, waiting to be executed. (End

(2015-04-26 04:19:00

[An extension of reading] man methamphetamine after attempting to use the forest path forest police were arrested for drug smuggling

BEIJING, March 19 Kunming (by Ma Qian Mei Chien-fa) Dehong Forest Public Security Bureau disclosure on the 19th, the state Lianghe Forest Public Security Bureau police station Hirayama combined forest area actually increased drug Duyuanjieliu efforts recently 3 consecutive seized narcotics smuggling channel from the use of forest and arrested three suspects and seized 19.216 kilograms of various drugs, seized a vehicle crime.

March 2, 10 am, Lianghe Forest Public Security Bureau police station Hirayama in combination with other kinds of police officers in the area of Grand Bay field conduct based cards seizing, at the time of driving a motorcycle Zhou Moumou for questioning by law from Zhou Moumou shoulder seized the bag wrapped in black plastic sheeting three heroin, 1.051 kg net weight. March 11, 10 am, Lianghe Forest Public Security Bureau police station in the area of flat Hirayama Shan Lin walnut beams sub-committee set up card seizing time, According to the clues provided by the masses, in a Medina Tacha to a drug containing 28 black wrap, identified and weighed, and seized heroin weighing 6.152 kilograms 18, 10 pieces of ice weighing 194 grams.

March 14, 10 am, Lianghe Forest Public Security Bureau police station to the area Hirayama Sanhe Street conduct joint based cards seizing, when the wind off of a silver mini-car to check the law and found that the man seated on the front passenger's seat pale, trembling body also kept asking the man that Lee smoked the drug methamphetamine, the urine test confirmed as positive. Lee fled during urination, was arrested by the police, and then take the initiative to admit carrying Lee package built narcotics methamphetamine, after inspection, seizing police caught a drug methamphetamine and heroin from a backpack at the Lee car seat pads positions totaling 11.819 kg. suspect Lee, the driver was arrested on the spot Moumou .

Currently, the three cases have been transferred to the local police narcotics department for further processing. (End)

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