Beijing News New Media: The President of Brazil has been the Chinese premier to the car door

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Beijing News New Media: The President of Brazil has been the Chinese premier to the car door

China news agency reporter Liu Zhenshe

Beijing News New Media: The President of Brazil has been the Chinese premier to the car door

China news agency reporter Liu Zhenshe

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang his speech, Brazilian President Rousseff kept staring sideways posture when Li introduced 'amount of agreement signed by the two countries reached $ 27 billion,' the audience broke into enthusiastic applause the audience; while When he asked, 'Pakistan trade volume to reach $ 100 billion in the short term', when Rousseff lead applause, attended by Chinese officials and entrepreneurs immediately echoed her applause.

The diplomatic situation is not unusual scene that takes place in May 19 when Li Keqiang met with reporters at the presidential palace and Rousseff Brazil( However, since simultaneous delay, the president of Brazil 'leading' the applause a little later two seconds. Li Keqiang suspended the speech, the audience applause stop waiting.

Before meeting with reporters, Li Keqiang and Rousseff just held a 'length staggering' small-scale talks, time is half an hour from the original extended twice, although too late to eat lunch, only to witness the two sides signed an agreement on an empty stomach, and then met with reporters, but the two spirits Quesihaowei affected.

Li Keqiang in the next speech that China and Pakistan reached much consensus in the talks. 'We all agreed to strengthen cooperation in capacity, open up a mutually beneficial cooperation in the new road capacity(News News We each also believe that China and Pakistan at the international production cooperation, especially in developing countries is produced in cooperation to build a new model. '

Rousseff is 'familiar' introduces the specific projects will be carried out in Brazil and China to cooperate in the production and accurate list of these projects involve the Chinese company name, she said:.. 'This is a new milestone.'

Beijing News New Media: The President of Brazil has been the Chinese premier to the car door

Xinhua News Agency reporters Pang Xing and Lei She

Latin America is not only a global supplier of primary products, China has not been cheap products just when the world's factory

Li Keqiang and Rousseff witnessed two countries signed an agreement to start or carry on as usual. However, due to the agreement too much, too long ceremony, live emcee provisional decision, each consisting of several ministers organizations, entrepreneurs, their 'occupation' signature tables corner, while signed different cooperation agreements, while around them, as well as two representatives of 'queue' waiting to sign an agreement.

The same day, in addition to Li and Rousseff signed personally << People's Republic of China and the Government of the Federative Republic of Brazil from 2015 to 2021 joint action plan >> In addition, China and Pakistan signed 35 specific cooperation agreement, a bilateral capacity, infrastructure Facility construction, finance, aviation, agriculture, new energy, communications, science and technology, the total amount of over 27 billion US dollars. However, these 'big one' behind an often overlooked fact is that out of the country's domestic energy and equipment not only beneficial to China, but also benefit local businesses and the people of Brazil.

As Li Keqiang said at the meeting with reporters, Chinese and Brazilian economies are highly complementary. Brazil needs to promote infrastructure construction, infrastructure construction and China after years of accumulated experience, but also has the advantage of equipment and production capacity.

Li stressed that the Chinese production capacity of cooperation with Brazil, not only help speed up local infrastructure, reduce costs, but also promote local employment and achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.

'More importantly, Latin America is inseparable from economic restructuring and upgrading capacity to cooperate.' In the subsequent closing ceremony of China-Pakistan Business Summit, Li said, 'Latin America is not only a global supplier of primary products, China has not only been When cheap products factory of the world, in general consumer goods in exchange for minerals trade structure unsustainable. '

April this year, capacity on international cooperation forum held under the auspices, Li Keqiang had suggested that China's foreign trade must be to 'excellent actor out into the' Upgrading from the past 'in great quantities.' And he and Pakistan business summit in May 19's Road further explanation, Latin America development resources industry conducive to changing a single economic structure, China's manufacturing industry is also upgrading. China is willing to Brazil, and in Latin America, 'eugenic gifted out' of the business structure, and through the promotion of trade liberalization facilitation, capacity to pull new impetus to their cooperation.

Rosoff fully agree with Li's views, she said:.. 'China wants to develop a new path of development, the need for cooperation with Brazil, while Brazil also needs to cooperate with China to achieve' a new leap forward. ''

Beijing News New Media: The President of Brazil has been the Chinese premier to the car door

Xinhua News Agency reporters Pang Xing and Lei She

Promote industrialization, re-industrialization, international co-production, it is the trend of world development

Li Keqiang and Rousseff met with reporters before the podium, with a small Aiji above displays a small piece of stone. Previously, the two sides of China and Pakistan jointly opened the flag, put the foundation stone show a small square In front of reporters. the same time, the connection with the project site video, located in South America, the Amazon site, the sounds of traditional Chinese festive firecrackers.

Beautiful hill station HVDC transmission project line length of over 2000 km from north to south through much of the land in Brazil. February 2014, the State Grid Corporation of 51% of the total shares than the joint venture with Brazil's national electricity companies won the bid This is the first time China UHV technology out of the country, it is also Pakistan's capacity to cooperate, 'the latest model.'

Reviews generally believe that Chinese enterprises won the bid HVDC transmission project, reflecting the high level of political trust between China and Pakistan and economic win-win situation, but to look to pull further away you will find, as the world's second- and seventh-largest economy, China Brazil's production capacity 'handshake' between the two countries is not only a 'win-win' cooperation, but also to the world economic recovery has brought the gospel.

Pakistan business summit in his speech, Li Keqiang said that the current downturn in the world economy to get out of trouble, must seek new breakthroughs developed countries in promoting the re-industrialization of developing countries should promote industrialization and urbanization, which means that we are the need to develop the real economy.

'Just by quantitative easing, by no real economy of false prosperity, it is impossible to get rid of the economic downturn; promote industrialization, re-industrialization, international co-production, is the trend of world development.' He said, 'international cooperation will help the development of capacity infrastructure in the country efficient, low-cost advance, but the infrastructure has been formed in developed countries also need upgrading. We hope that through international cooperation capacity and equipment, oppose trade protectionism, promote economic restructuring and upgrading. '

Therefore, in promoting high-speed rail, nuclear power capacity in China and equipment out of the country at the same time, Chinese premier seeks to build a global benefit, win-win situation of the new model: international production cooperation, he stressed that the world economy to achieve balanced development, it is necessary to play. Advantages complementary economies.

'China and Brazil, as the largest developing country in the hemisphere two things is a major economy in the world, should be explored to upgrade trade in the global economy down the situation, explore the establishment of long-term stable trade and investment relationship.' Li said. ' We are willing to vigorously promote the production capacity in Brazil to jointly promote industrialization and urbanization, China and Pakistan is willing to cooperate in terms of capacity as a complementary model. '

Beijing News New Media: The President of Brazil has been the Chinese premier to the car door

Xinhua News Agency reporters Pang Xing and Lei She

This new path of international cooperation, 'international cooperation capacity', has been showing more and more clear direction

Brazil half a world away from Kazakhstan, it is 'international cooperation capacity' concept first 'sail' place. December 14, 2014, in Kazakhstan's capital Astana snow, Li Keqiang and President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev When Aliyev talks, spot witty reaction, the export of iron ore, agricultural products and other 'normal routine' Sino-Kazakh cooperation, upgrade the production capacity of China's advantages with local infrastructure needs docking 'Sino-Kazakh cooperation capacity' program.

Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev on the spot named: 'Capacity-Kazakhstan Cooperation Programme should be called 'Li Plan'!'

From the next day with Kazakh Prime Minister Karim Masimov had 'astronomical breakfast', a large single reached a preliminary $ 18 billion of the total value, to March 27 this year in Beijing, the two prime ministers witnessed the signing of 33 documents, in a wide range of iron and steel, nonferrous metals, plate glass, oil refining, utilities, automotive and other deliverability cooperation, 'Lee plans to' rapidly advancing, quite good results. At the same time, Li Keqiang promote 'international cooperation capacity' is also a growing number of countries recognized and replicated.

Today, as the second largest economy and the seventh largest economy in the Brazilian Highlands expand production capacity, 'handshake', while 'international cooperation capacity,' this new path of international cooperation, has been showing more and more clear direction.

Li Keqiang May 19 speech at the China-Pakistan Business Summit Latin America presents the latest production cooperation '3x3' a new model: First fit the needs of Latin American countries, to build logistics, power, information the three channels; the second is to follow the market economy law, the implementation of business, society, government three positive interaction of cooperation; third is around Latin America cooperation projects and expand funds, credit, insurance three financing channels.

He stressed that let people share the fruits of development, Latin America is the fundamental purpose of production cooperation. China is willing to promote local personnel training and technology transfer, and the establishment of 'without attaching any political conditions' capacity development fund.

The original 13 end of the closing ceremony of China-Pakistan Business Summit, as several activities have repeatedly extended until 15 when concluded. Rousseff was originally scheduled for 13:00 of the 'Welcome Luncheon', and thus become a 'tea . 'But Li Keqiang and Rousseff still in high spirits.

16 am local time, Li finally proposed a toast to the audience, for this has been repeatedly postponed an end banquet this time, an unusual scene emerged: no farewell toast immediately after Rousseff, but all the way to accompany Li Keqiang, walking out of the building from the banquet hall, the Chinese premier has been sent to the car door.

The presence of a senior diplomat said afterwards: 'This is totally out of diplomatic protocol specifications, I have never seen more than a decade.' (Reporter Chu Crestron Fire News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.