Philippine Chinese Roots Camp 15-year cumulative benefit over million young people

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Philippine Chinese Roots Camp 15-year cumulative benefit over million young people On the graduation ceremony, the Philippines teenagers singing and dancing. Lin Wei Luo photo

BEIJING, May 20 Quanzhou (by Liu Jing) 'We are old, would like to see this never met a grandniece.' With the Shishi great-uncle nephew of the Philippines to find the 'real version to find love in mind' in 2015 in Quanzhou, Fujian Province Philippine Chinese camp staged, great-uncle with a very plain Jane Lee Tan, then the nephew Li expressed hope students can not let go of the family.

20 pm, Quanzhou Normal University 'Marine Silk Road route Roots Love' one hundred Philippine Overseas summer camp campers graduation ceremony. It is understood that this camp there are five groups in Quanzhou, respectively, in Huaqiao University, Quanzhou Normal University, Quanzhou Southern Shaolin International schools and other schools in Fujian Overseas Chinese Education Base(

According to reports, this is the famous Mr. Chen Yongzai federation of overseas Chinese education in the Philippines donors a brand activities, since 2001, Mr Tan has 15 years of large-scale study sponsored by the Philippine Chinese youth Fujian Chinese culture, each lasted 50 days about, benefiting a total of over 11,015 students.

In the five-days of learning Chinese camp activities, including Quanzhou Normal included, each school campers offer include intensive reading lessons, extensive reading classes, reading classes, calligraphy classes, manual class, folk lessons, music lessons China South Shaolin boxing, dance lessons and art classes, and other Chinese traditional culture on the basis of class and skill course.

During Fujian camp, Wang Li Shishi, Fujian native born more than 80 years to find the home of great-uncle, this thing has become a moment of his brother's wife. Quanzhou Normal camp heads in Da Qiu said that many campers have never been back to his hometown Such activity is not only a good opportunity to learn Chinese, but also make them a general impression of the native-owned(News News

In the day of graduation show, Philippines teenagers sang local songs Quanzhou Quanzhou Bay blue << >> << >> etc. The sky is dark, clear and pure sound child, sweet, charming smile fascinating, in addition they also through dance, comedy , martial arts forms to express their nostalgic for home.

This year 16-year-old Wu US cotton to China for the first time, she was attracted Quanzhou cuisine, 'grasping cake, tea, cocoa milk ......' although not very fluent Chinese saying, but what is already known Quanzhou local cuisine famous. She said , in addition to the profound Chinese culture, she has a soft spot for Chinese cuisine.

Philippine life away for nearly 10 years Keying Zhe, not only fluent in Chinese, but also for home Jinjiang remember names, he said, every night with his hometown elementary school students on the phone, Chinese did not fall, things are quite clear on the home 'This is my parents expected of me.'

Quanzhou Normal University, responsible person, this camp members, except in the Quanzhou Normal University, a total of 1,022 Chinese students and teachers all over the Philippines. In the meantime, they also visited the Kaiyuan Temple in Quanzhou, Wuyishan scenic spot to enjoy the Chinese traditional culture and Taiwanese culture. (End) Fire News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.