Jinyu Gold: United States refers to minutes of the meeting looked fierce worth seeing

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Before the previous day's US set gold pulled back slightly, down sign appears, after rising for five days gold finally ran out of upward momentum, if not inject new energy, the price of gold fell inevitable then things do not happen that night release of the US April housing starts and building permits data are significantly better than expected, 113.5 and 114.3, respectively, were recorded on a good performance. The dollar index this week showed significant upward trend since yesterday, the trend is even more fierce rise rapidly move up to the top 95, while gold prices plunged about $ 15, Kankan hold 1200 mark.

This week the United States that the rise in two stages, the first half was due to the debt problems in Greece triggered, Greece went to the edge not from debt, there is a very high risk of default, a direct drag on the euro, pushing up the dollar against the euro exchange rates, the rise in the United States that get power and space, and the second half is two housing data released last night, very good performance, bullish for the dollar, push up the dollar index(http://www.fireinews.com/).

Minutes after the market generally worded judgment will moderate, partly because of two consecutive partial eagle let the market determine the timing of a rate hike, the Fed did not want to let the market too early to know when to raise interest rates, on the other hand it is an existing data poor performance, insufficient to support the rate hike is now able to judge the situation has changed, reversed it? not so quick conclusion. There is a word called themselves they alone twelve data on the whole situation is unlikely to change The housing starts data not such a big influence.

Both data released yesterday adds variables minutes of the meeting, the market for the original judge had doubts, suspense is even greater. As a gold price of variables increase, the minutes seem more worth seeing now hold gold the 1200 line, is recovered or decline Powei, to see tonight was the minutes of the morning. more likely dovish bias, but who also can not ignore the possibility of accidental partial eagle.

Since the 1230 shock down, gold has entered a new downtrend channel run advantage after the short occupied disk integer points below the 1200 support near to the test, the 5th line below the important support of 1218 triggered sell stops after falling to near 1208, KD indicators deviate Buy area increased short selling, four-hour chart fell to Brin rail after 1206 were partially support a rebound, but the rebound MACD green column heavy volume to bring greater pressure, altitude every single day operation.

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