People's Daily reporter observed: Pakistan cooperation signed large single roads with you I related

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People's Daily reporter observed: Pakistan cooperation signed large single roads with you I related

Talks about a half hour, the signature time-consuming half an hour - it is 19 am, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Brazilian President Rousseff formal talks scene.

Exactly what allows the two leaders signed a large single so long? According to reports, the talks reached 35 cooperation agreements worth 27 billion yuan. These include not only focus on railways, mining, power, equipment manufacturing and other areas of industrial and investment cooperation, but also to promote rail and other projects take two foreign substance pace and carry out cooperation in the field of clean energy industry chain, iron ore, agriculture, oil and gas exploration and exploitation and to strengthen cooperation, petrochemical equipment, ship trade and investment. In addition, China support Chinese enterprises to expand investment in Pakistan, sharing experiences and technologies, encourage their financial institutions, local currency settlement business, provide the impetus for both sides to deepen cooperation(

According to the presence of reporters observed from the scheduled time due to the talks for half an hour twice extended, Li Keqiang and 巴塞夫 even too late for lunch, but the two Quesihaowei affected interest in their joint meeting with reporters, Li proposed to deepen Three Pakistani cooperation initiatives: strengthening the capacity to cooperate and continue to expand bilateral trade and work together to strengthen financial cooperation.

Railways, mining, equipment manufacturing, financial ...... sounds, these 'big up' field distance is a bit far away we the ordinary people? No, let Xiaobian to tell you further analysis.

Acquire you and I are familiar with railroad(News News China and Pakistan signed the 19th day of the next five-year joint action plan, and decided to start the 'two-ocean railway' basic feasibility study, the railroad will connect Brazil and Peru, horizontal across the South American continent. President Dilma Rousseff said, 'We will jointly conduct a feasibility study, the railway will pass through Brazil, linking the Pacific and Atlantic. Pakistan will invite Chinese companies to participate in construction projects from the port of Peru, became one will be built in Brazil convenient access channel in Asia, to shorten the distance and reduce costs. '

How much costs can be reduced? A Brazilian Minister has said that the railway is the 'most important' project, 'because it will make the price per ton of exported goods reduced by 30%.'

30%! Think of what you usually are not willing to buy chop hand goods bar Latin America, maybe later on the 'buy buy buy' again!

If this figure does not make you an intuitive feel, look at a Brazilian guy counted account .Joao Casseb is a college student from the Mato Grosso state capital Cuiaba, but for him, and his Chinese The home is not far away.

'My hometown is rich in soybeans, while China is a major importer.' Casseb said. 'China also there to repair a railway, connecting Sao Paulo, so you can put more soybeans shipped out. Railway repaired later, local farmers can spend less tolls, China can save some costs, this is a win-win situation. '

'The train sounds, tons of gold,' for we the people, the benefit of not just soybeans. Pakistan can cooperate behind the production of railway is the 'key.' Li Keqiang premier said the two sides may sign the basis of capacity investments and cooperation framework agreement on the development of industrial and investment cooperation between the two countries plan to build mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Pakistan upgrade.

International production cooperation is the Li Keqiang premier has been committed to promoting. At home, he chaired a Chinese equipment go out and promote international production cooperation forum, and at a State Council executive meeting on the deployment of advance international capacity and equipment manufacturers to cooperate in Zhongnanhai to expand Open to the development of the upgrade. When visited, he vigorously promote China's high-speed rail, electricity, communications and other technical equipment, footprints have been riding to Asia, Africa and Europe continents, won the Chinese 'super salesman' in the world.

So hard rush sorts? Borrow media as saying, but international cooperation capacity, 'a big chess game.' He said recently, which can promote employment, improve people's livelihood, that far, it will improve the competitiveness of Chinese enterprises Forced, people will enjoy a better future products and services that small and you wear socks, the family opened the car, the bathroom is filled with glass and cooperation on capacity, said large, it is the realization of China's economic quality and efficiency upgrade Important initiatives help foster open new advantages, promote the formation of eugenic gifted a new pattern of open economy, the Chinese economy depth of integration with the world economy at a higher level.

The prime minister's visit to promote Sino-Pakistani cooperation as well as Latin America capacity is a win-win move when the two leaders met with reporters, Li Jiabao pointed out:. 'Brazil and China are to promote infrastructure construction of China after years of infrastructure construction has accumulated a wealth of experience, also has the advantage of equipment and production capacity. We are willing and Brazil to cooperate to reduce the cost of local infrastructure construction, promote the employment of local people in order to promote the foundation and capacity for cooperation, China is willing to establish joint production capacity Cooperation Fund for Capacity cooperation to provide financial support. '

On the same occasion, Rousseff is 'familiar' introduces the specific projects will be carried out in Brazil and China to cooperate in the production and accurate list of these projects involve the Chinese company name, she said:.. 'This is a new milestone.'

In this regard, the Prime Minister Li Keqiang said: 'This shows that from one side, the two governments attach great importance to China-Pakistan economic cooperation, the Government is willing to promote Sino-Pakistani enterprises to strengthen cooperation and achieve win-win situation.' (Reporter Yang Fang Fire News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.