"China Newsweek" editor: Traditional media transformation urgently needed mechanism innovation

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<< China News Weekly > Editor: Traditional media transformation urgently needed mechanism innovation src = 'http://i3.sinaimg.cn/dy/cr/2015/0520/3028346.jpg'> << China News Weekly >> photo editor Qin Lang Li Chen Yun

BEIJING, May 20 Wenzhou (by Wang Yifei) on the 20th, by the China News Agency, when Taiwan Want Media Group, Wenzhou Municipal People's Government, the CPC Wenzhou Municipal Propaganda Department (Foreign Affairs Office), CNS Zhejiang Branch contractors The new cross-strait media development forum and 'Two US Wenzhou' folk songs was held in Wenzhou.

Under the new emerging media forms, the growing ranks of traditional media is facing churn decreased release, the market decline and other difficulties in the context of traditional media development go to become the industry focus. << China News Weekly >> editor Qin Lang at this time the forum, if you can find ways of traditional media on the mechanism innovation, the future can be expected(http://www.fireinews.com/).

Qin Lang said: 'The Chinese Traditional media winters than expected earlier,' he said, under the 2009 financial crisis, the Chinese economy and the false prosperity of the Chinese media, so that traditional media have not become aware of the coming winter many people in the industry believe that traditional media still. There 10--15 years of good life and the rise of the Internet since 2011 has given way to winter thanks to the widespread, followed by three years is dramatic impact on the industry.

Qin Lang combined << China News Weekly >> instance describes the transformation of traditional media experience. << China News Weekly >> is sponsored by the China News Agency, founded in 2000 to run a fully market-oriented journals, periodicals sector in China has an important position.

'<< China News Weekly >> course of the first decade of very good, kept 300% to 700% growth pace. And with the impact of new media, Chinese media have benchmarking loss, discontinued, etc., << China News Weekly> > In the circulation rises, the brand is still the situation faced daunting challenges(News News http://www.fireinews.com/). 'Qin Lang introduction.

2010, << China News Weekly >> Open Road, the new media transformation, from which the new weekly online line, the form contains the official micro-Bo, the official micro letters, phone flat clients, INTV studio, 'interesting' micro-channel matrix including The new media matrix, << China News Weekly >> gone through five years of exploration.

At present, China News Weekly >> << New Media operating income than in the past to enhance the proportion has nearly forty percent. Ranked first in periodicals 2013 Chinese new media influence ranking in the top 30, in 2014 China Mobile magazine spread Also among the first hundred chart. 'It should be said of the transformation is not the first, but the effect is quite substantial.' Qin Lang summarized.

For the integration of traditional media and new media, Qin Lang believes innovation should focus on four areas: the traditional channels of innovation, dissemination of innovation, content production and media innovation mechanism innovation.

Qin Lang pointed out that over the past ten years, the traditional media take elite communication, one-way communication mode, and the current mode of transmission is evolving personality based dissemination and sharing of data analysis, etc. and in the communication channels from print media to the computer and then to the phone trends, but also to media content production needs of paper tirade, turned for a list of micro-channel and other communication style textual representation.

'For traditional media, new media innovation most difficult to break, and the most important is the mechanism of innovation.' Qin Lang said, the transformation of traditional media is not necessarily a slow start, but there is no competitive advantage, the main reason is the mechanism behind.

'Compared with traditional media, new media, why have vitality, it exudes vitality, I think it is to find a modern enterprise system and governance framework in line with the market economic development, participating teams can share business prospects and earnings development of the project. Traditional media in urgent need of a breakthrough in innovation mechanism, if it finds a path in this regard, I believe the Chinese traditional media will always have a bright, can be expected in the future. 'Qin Lang. (End)

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