CSI Interpretation: Shuangliang saving Technology Research Institute set up a low-carbon energy saving industry Tinto territory

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Zhongzheng Wang News Shuangliang saving (6,004,815 March 20 evening announcement, the company independent research and development to strengthen the advantage in the field of energy saving, through the introduction of domestic and international leader in energy-saving and environmental protection, new energy, new materials, advanced manufacturing, and other high technology to develop new business areas, the company intends to own capital of 10 million yuan, set up in Jiangyin, Jiangsu Shuangliang Industrial Technology Research Institute, a wholly owned subsidiary of low-carbon.

According to the announcement, the new company's business scope includes: energy saving projects, research and development in the green field of new technologies and new products, technical consulting, technical services, technology transfer, technical training, technology transfer, transformation, energy-saving systems engineering diagnosis, design, transformation and operations.

Shuangliang saving said the low-carbon industry funded Institute of Technology Co., Ltd. will strengthen the company in the field of energy saving R & D capabilities. By working closely with universities and research institutions at home and abroad, in energy saving, new energy, new materials and actively introduce advanced manufacturing and other fields, incubation and industrialization of high-tech and related products to ensure the company's leading-edge technology to enhance the company's core competitiveness and profitability, to ensure the Company's sustainable and rapid development.

Shuangliang energy-saving central air-conditioning industry is China's leading enterprises, aerospace, electronics, metallurgy and other industries and civil construction to provide central air conditioning systems mainly for the 2014 energy saving business company sales revenue exceeded 20 billion yuan, hit a new high since listing, Profitability also reached a record high, but at the same time, the chemical business in the international crude oil prices plummeted in the background, a larger loss.

The company recently completed the replacement of assets, stripping losses of chemical assets, adjusted main business will focus on energy conservation and environmental protection equipment business. Changjiang Securities research report, environmental business is the company in 2014 in the new development, the company is also focused on investment in the future of environmental protection business service system to expand around zero emissions. The company set up a subsidiary, low carbon energy conservation can be undertaken, will help the company to develop business in the field of environmental protection, energy saving performance further ram plate.

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